Friday, November 28, 2008


I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Ours has been full of wonderful family & friends and lots of food!! We've been trying to help Noah understand a little about Thanksgiving and telling him it's a time that we thank God for all the things He has done for us and given to us. So, hopefully a little is sinking in.... you be the judge... ;)

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Noah is oficially addicted to riding horses....well for a few minutes anyway. Every morning he wants to walk to the pond to see the horses and have me put him on their backs (while holding onto him for dear life of course). Rachael has assured me that I will end up on some website somewhere on worlds worst mom's with his picture on the horse and no bridle, saddle or helmet. Oh well. I guess we've all got to have our 15 min. of fame ;) He has even taken to riding his stick horse that his cousing Miranda and Keithan gave him a while ago. I love his little personality but now I know why my Dad never could watch me ride. I'm pretty sure he can only ride a tiny shetland pony when he's ready to take riding lessons. It is definately too nerve racking!!
Anyway, Rachael, John, Mike and I went riding on John's farm on Saturday for his big last "hurrah" ride b/4 marching off to war. I tried and tried to break John's legs so he wouldn't have to go but only managed to get dumped by Lilly and almost killed myself. The sunset there was completely unbelievable. There was a double rainbow and cars were stopping in the field so they could see it.
Adoption note: We have gotten all of our paperwork notarized and I will take my dossier to the Clerk of Courts to get it county certified next week. I am still WAITING on our homestudy. We are told by our social worker that the agency has it so hopefully we'll be receiving that very soon in order to finish our paperwork by January and start filing for financial aide. Thanks for the prayers!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


What have we been up to you ask?? Play, Play, Play!! The leaves are falling and the weather is perfect for outside play. Noah has to have his daily (sometimes twice daily) dose of walking down to the pond to see the horses. Mike made a huge pile of leaves for him to play in and he's in heaven, rolling around in them and being silly. I love watching seasons through the eyes of a toddler. It's the little things that get them excited like the huge yellow leaf they find or watching a deer run through the field. I thank God that He has allowed Noah to grow up in such a place rich with nature and history.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I know it's hard to believe but check out Mike's blog. He actually updated it today!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

In Preparation for Thanksgiving

Noah's first encounter with a snake (dead of course)
Leanna and My table at the Ladies Thanksgiving Celebration at our church (above)-theme-Forest glade.
My mom and Rachael's table (below)- theme is Veteran's Day
Our church had their annual Ladies Thanksgiving Celebration today. It is an outreach even where we try to fill our table with women with whom we want to minister to. Praise God all seats at all the tables were full!! Only one seat was vacant and I like to think we saved that one for Jesus to sit at. We had 64 ladies at the luncheon who heard the Gospel of Christ loud and clear. This really got me in the holiday spirit. It also got me thinking of something God has brought to my attention lately which is just how many people that I know within my little circle that are physically hungry. I mean that they don't have enough food for the week. It is something that I have not had to deal with in my life but suddenly all around me there seems physical and spiritual hunger. I help run a small food pantry out of our church and perhaps this has brought to my attention the need. Last week at a meeting I attend once a month, our speaker was a lady that helped run the Food Pantry in the small town where I live. I was shocked to know that they feed 550-600 people every 30 days! I was also shocked at the small amount of food that they were able to give these families. Also last week, a family was brought to my attention with 5 children who had no food in their house. For breakfast they had chili beans and water. It made me so thankful for all of the things I have been blessed with. So my challenge to you is this...... branch out of your comfort zone, see people through Jesus' eyes. Also, try to be very perceptive of peoples REAL life situations. My experience with many families I've seen use the food pantry is that they live in nice houses and don't look like what we believe to be the "typical" person who would need help. After all, we never know when we may need a helping hand.

Adoption Update: I met with the social worker tonight. She was helping me to put together our dossier (papers to send to the Ukraine). A lot of issues in them need to be corrected but strangely I feel a peace about it that I haven't had in a while (praise God!). I know some of you out there are praying and for that I am grateful. So here is the latest time line we are shooting for. November and December I will be fixing my paperwork, getting it notarized, authenticated and state sealed. We will submit the Dossier to the Ukraine Embassy in January. After they translate it, they will send it to the the Embassy in Kiev. This process will take a few months. Then, we will get a letter to fly from the Ukraine (if we are approved) which could be anywhere from a few months out to 6-8 months out. Either way, hopefully 2009 will be the year we'll get our little girl.

PRAYER REQUEST: Pray that my Homestudy will come in the next few weeks (it is finished and we passed!) so we can begin applying for grants and financial aide.
Pray that God has picked out the perfect little girl for our family. It's a little surreal to know that she has probably been born now. Thank ya'll so much for your prayers!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Get out and VOTE

Those of you who know me know that I would NEVER try to make anyone's mind up for them. I would especially NEVER tell anyone who to vote for. It's just not me. YEAH RIGHT!! Today is election day people. If you haven't voted please exercise this great freedom that we have to cast a secret ballot without fear of intimidation or oppression. If you still haven't made up your mind, I'll be by my phone all day taking calls with wonderful advice on who I believe is the best candidate for the job :) But regardless of who you are leaning towards (hopefully the right), please use this freedom we have been given wisely. I do say all of this partly joking but I would like to leave you with a few thoughts that our pastor shared with us on Sunday.
Who wins on Tuesday will not change some of the most important things. It will not change that the Bible is true. It will not change that God is Sovereign. It will not change that we are covered by Jesus' blood. It will not change the fact that if we believe in Jesus' name and repent from our sins that we will have eternal life. PRAISE THE LORD!!! But, as Christians, we do have a huge responsibility and that is to pray for whomever God allows to be our leader and that we must do faithfully.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Noah doing "scary face"
Well, Noah successfully completed his first Trick or Treat experience. We went downtown to visit the stores that were open and giving out candy in the historic district and got to see lots of little trick or treaters. He loved that!! Then we went to see his great, great Uncle CB and and Lottie or "La and B" as he calls them and on to Nana and Poppy's to make candy apples. He had 5 lollipops in 2 hours. I'm pretty sure that's a record. Hopefully all of his teeth won't fall out. Ahh the memories.