Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Has Sprung....and The Long Black Train

We are so excited that Spring has finally come to the farm! It seems like it has been a LONG winter and we are a bit stir crazy. So what comes with Spring?? Baby Chickens of course. We are trying to build our flock up a bit so we can keep enjoying fresh eggs (Laurel loves her eggs for breakfast). Also, Grandaddy had this bright idea to put our garden in boxes this year to help with the weeding and watering so we are getting those ready for planting. I LOVE it being dark in the mornings longer (the babies sleep in). I LOVE it getting dark so late! I LOVE everything about Spring. New life, new beginnings, how exciting!

I was at Aunt Ruthie's last weekend and it was 70 degrees. We were able to take several walks and I got lots of pictures. The peacocks are so funny this time of year. The males spend their entire time showing off for the females. The males are so vain this time of year that they look at their reflections in my car and start pecking it, chipping the paint off the car. They do this over and over, not figuring out it is themselves. They sure are pretty but not much in the brains department.

One more reason why I am happy Spring is here. Hopefully the flu & cold season is on its way out. Laurel came down with an awful cold last week and it turned into a terrible ear infection. I'm talking 104 fevers and up all night hallucinating. It was a pretty long week. Noah & I passed a much lighter version around and we are all feeling somewhat better today.

And as for the Long Black Train Video..... What can I say? American Idol is my guilty pleasure :)

Monday, March 7, 2011


Miss Priss & "Spice"
Bowling for Aunt Michelle's Birthday
(Above) LOVE this picture of Poppy... he almost busted it!!

"The New Recruit"
Show off

Birding at a local park
Shopping for fresh eggs

Do you ever just wonder where the days go?? Yeah, me too. Mike & I have made a decision to live life more purposely and actually make time to do some fun things.... Our goal is to not let life run us over. We want to stop and smell the roses. Since the weather has been nice lately, we've stayed out quite a bit.

--We've had a bowling party for Aunt Michelle. The babies LOVED bowling and we didn't even have any smashed fingers or toes! Nana & Poppy said they hadn't bowled in years but they did great!
--We went to watch Grandaddy & Uncle John at a Civil War Reenactment. Noah loved dressing up and carrying his "gun". He may be a new recruit.
--We've had lots of walks around the farm and Laurel really loves the horses. I think Noah could really care less about them, probably because he is so allergic to them and stays away.
--Last weekend we went Birding at a local park. You can check out a backpack with everything in it you need to see & track birds. The babies really got into it.
--We had some dear friends Brian & Crystal over this weekend that we haven't seen in a while. Brian has been fighting the war for us in Afghanistan and we thank him for his service. Our babies are close to the same age and had a blast dressing up and playing together.

Anyway, that's about all that is going on around here. I love being able to watch my babies grow up and learn new things. I thank God that I can stay home to watch them grow into the people God would have them be.