Thursday, July 31, 2008


Here by popular demand is Mike's knockoff Croc Hunter routine he performed for Noah (and some of the C&C group on the beach trip last week. As you can hear, Noah gets a kick out of it but I'm told it was the highlight of Carroll's trip :) Anyway, enjoy!

As promised, I'll update you a little on what's going on in our busy lives. Yes, we are moving towards adoption of a little girl. Right now, we are hoping to adopt a little girl from the Ukraine who is 2 or under. From what we've heard recently this may be an impossible task as the Ukraine does not like to let very young children out of the country. But with God ALL things are possible so please join us in praying for direction in this area. So far, we have turned in a mountain of paperwork to our agency, gotten our passports, applied for our I 600A, gotten our physicals, and turned in quite a bit of money. The next phase is our online adoption classes and our homestudy. We request your prayers in this matter. Of course we are nervous and want to do everything "right". I know that's not possible but we would like it to go smoothly. After we get an approved homestudy, then we can apply for grants or loans to fund the rest of the adoption. Please join us in praying for this adoption and for the little girl who will one day be ours. Hopefully after the homestudy is complete (within the next 2 months) we could be going to the Ukraine in 11-14 months. Thank you all for your support during this new journey!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

It all started with a Haircut.....

Noah and the Blowfish
Remember this??? (above)

Now look at this!!! I know... not an extreme makeover but

why mess with perfection :)

Noah clapping for himself for being so brave.

It still wasn't his favorite thing to do however.

A jellyfish from our trip to the Aquarium

Mike and Noah discussing a jet flying over

" Haji and Ja "

The Tropical Storm caused huge waves but beautiful skies.

The WHOLE crew (minus a few that couldn't be there)

Mmmm...... Strawberry and Cream homeade popsicle

And Now to the Wedding......................

During the rehearsal the church started filling with smoke. An AC belt burned up
and all was well the next day but it makes a great story.!

So our crazy last week and a half started with Noah getting a haircut. It wasn't very drastic mind you but now it doesn't look so much like a mullet. Anyway, we took a trip with the College and Career Group to the beach for a good part of the week. Noah did great and LOVED the water. Thank you guys for being so good to him. We are blessed to have such great friends as ya'll. The food was delicious (Carroll), the fellowship was great, and the games were so much fun! The quote of the week was: Group: Hey Brian what are you doing? Brian: "I'm looking at dung" Don't ask me to explain but we all got a kick out of it. On Tuesday we took the ferry to see the Aquarium. Noah was mesmerized by all the fish. I think it might be time to watch Finding Nemo.
We came home to go to a rehersal and wedding for Mike's cousin. It was so beautiful and encouraging to see a couple so committed to each other and to God. Congrats you guys! So.... pretty busy in all and that was only a taste of what's happening in our lives but I couldn't post all the pictures. Maybe next I'll let ya'll know what is going on in the adoption process..

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


These are a few pictures from our garden. Noah loves to examine the sunflowers. I thank God for giving us such a beautiful world to look at. The wonders never cease! The video clip (yes I know it's sideways) is of Noah trying out Riverdancing with cowboy boots. Strange but quite entertaining. Enjoy!

Sunday, July 6, 2008


This is Noah trying to be one of the "big boys"
Nana & Poppy at one of our favorite ice cream places

The Fireworks Celebration with some wonderful friends!


These are pictures from the Threshers Reunion we love to go to. It's basically a big tractor show. Noah loved the train! (I love this pic of Daddy. It looks like smokes coming out of his head.)

I tried to discreetly get this pic of this adorable old man in overalls but it came out a little blurry
Noah's first train ride on the Handy Dandy Railroad. He can now say "choo choo".
A farewell to brothers and sisters.

Baby Matthew being dedicated
New friendships being started. We'll miss you sweet Steven!

What a great 4 day weekend! We started by having ice cream with Nana and Poppy at one of our favorite ice cream places. Mmm.... Cake Batter Ice Cream. Then we went to the fireworks with our old friends (not that they are old) :) Brian and Crystal. Noah didn't go this year due to the fact that he screams at loud noises and would be totally horrible. Maybe next year. Then early the next morning we traveled down to the Threshers Reunion. It's basically a huge tractor show with lots of demonstrations, train rides and a petting zoo. We had a great time and Noah got to ride a train for the first time. He's hooked! Sunday we heard a wonderful sermon from our dear pastor and got to see baby Matthew get dedicated. It was beautiful (even though Noah saw people he knew halfway through it and started screaming "Poppy" in the middle of church. Sorry Bobbie and Jess. We then went to a great going away party for Bobbie and Jessie. We are going to miss you guys so much. But we don't say goodbye in this family. We say "see ya Sunday"! A great weekend. Noah went to bed early however b/c we are pretty tired. We are so lucky to have friends and family like you all.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Complete Exhaustion (but still watching Cars)
Party Time

A Birthday for my Aunt Janie, Cousin Amory and Finally an Engagement Celebration for
Rachael and John

A motley crew out on the dock

Sliding down the steps: A new pastime

Congrats you two!

Sorry it's been so long since an update. Life has been pretty busy around here. Backyard Bible Clubs went wonderful (praise the Lord). Decisions were made from several children and the church really pulled together and everyone got involved. We were even able to minister to several mothers. Also, we went to a wonderful birthday party for my Aunt Janie. It turned into a party for my cousin Amory and an Engagement party for Rachael and John. I'm so excited for ya'll (and us b/c we get to help plan a wedding) :) We are all exhausted but very full. Have a great Independence Day!!