Thursday, July 2, 2015

Summer Camps!

Shew!! We have had a busy week. The kids both wanted to do a summer camp so first thing in the mornings, Noah did Lacrosse Camp. He absolutely loves it and will continue in a mini league for the next 3 weeks. After his camp we would head over to Aunt Rach's house and she would do a horse camp for Laurel. She got to ride 2 different horses and learned how to ride independently. It brought back memories of all the summer horse camps we used to teach and Laurel loved it! 

In other news, the little boy "D" that we were planning to host this summer was not able to come.
 :(  It had to do with paperwork not being signed and some complicated matters but we are at peace with it. God knows all the ins and outs that we do not.