Monday, April 21, 2014

Kindergarten Graduation!!

She was not happy about wearing the hat :)

Her WONDERFUL teacher!!

Laurel graduated Kindergarten in her Co Op today!! I can hardly believe it! She is such a miracle kid. We were so blessed to find a great Co Op that had a wonderful teacher and a small class (she had about 6 kids in her class-a few weren't here).
Noah had his State testing this week for First Grade and Rocked it! I am so proud of him. He didn't get nervous and tested at grade level to very advanced in everything. Smart Boy! It is such a relief to this Homeschooling Mama to know we are on the right track! Blessed!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Noah getting his Tiger Cub Badge

Reading a bedtime book with of the NFL football books Daddy used to read when he was a boy

Coolest thing EVER! Vet school open house (Fistulated Steer)

Granny's Wisteria

Laure'l's Bad Bicycle accident. She ended up in the ER with 6 stitches and never cried!

Floating boats in "Crocodile Forest" Best day ever!

Spring and Fall are my favorite season's! Spring is so beautiful around here so as soon as it gets warm enough to be out without our jackets we slip our mudboots on and float our boats down the creek! Mud is so therapeutic!
We took the kids to the Vet school Open House and had a nice time. It was SUPER crowded and rainy but by all accounts the Fistulated Cow (cow with the plug in it) was the favorite!! I remember seeing it when I was back in college and they did a demo today for everyone. So gross and cool!!  
Laurel fell on the first hill of our first bike ride this spring. She never used her breaks going down a huge hill and went face first into gravel. 6 stitches later she looks bad but never cried. Ukraine tough I tell you!
The Wisteria and Azaleas are in full bloom and I am in heaven. Laurel says she wants Wisteria for bouquet when she gets married. A true Southern girl! :)