Monday, April 22, 2013

A little Catch Up

Having our LAST Orangeade @ our favorite place: Elliotts Pharmacy :(

Picking out the candy for dessert is the most important part of the ritual!!

Baby Duncan and Aunt Carroll watching their Orangeade being made

There will never be another Ham & Cheese with Lettuce, Tomato & Mayo ANYWHERE

Noah Playing Upward Soccer

A FABULOUS trip to the beach with 32 ladies from church. This was our crazy fashion show.

Our addition on our house! So excited!

We had to say goodbye to an old friend last month. Not a person but a wonderful place that has been around for 99 years! I have the best memories at this place and when I grew up, I wanted to work there. Elliotts Pharmacy went out of business after 99 years. They served the BEST orangeades, sandwhiches and ice cream. I always got the same thing: Orangeade, chips, the BEST pickles ever, and a ham/cheese, with lettuce,tomato & mayo----grilled of course. Laurel loved the same thing. After eating, the kids would make a huge production of finding the perfect piece of candy for dessert. We will miss you Elliotts! You were the best.

Next, on to soccer.... Noah is playing again this year. His skills have really developed but he is REALLY struggling with not having meltdowns when he misses a goal or the other team scores. I mean really. So, we are working on sportsmanship etc..... Last week he didn't cry the whole 2nd half so I'd say we made some progress :) 

Had a wonderful, blessed time at the annual ladies retreat this year.  Learned how to play spoons! 32 ladies attended and the teaching was awesome! Finished up by a humbling experience of having my feet washed by a dear friend. Powerful stuff!

And house stuff: The porch and chimney went up saturday. The tin roof goes on tomorrow and the plumbing rough in. Hopefully we will be in it in 2 months! Exciting and scary!!

BIG yardsale this weekend to help repair a Ukrainian orphanage. Please pray for nice weather!!

Sunday, April 7, 2013


Noah & our friends Jacob & Brooke @ the Battleship (Laurel REFUSED to get in the bunks!)

Lovin every min. of it

Checking for bad guys :)

Yep....we are that family..... I bought the photo

My Favorite! They are such goofballs!

Noah took this one... he might be a budding photographer

We just had a glorious week and a half of Spring Break!! What did we do you ask?? Well, we  played outside..... ALOT. We went to a movie, The Croods...cute. Played on Aunt Rach's & Uncle John's farm and went to the Battleship. It was so cold and rainy but we would not be deterred! We were determined to have a good time. We met our friends Brian & Crystal down there with their kids and had a blast! Noah was in absolute ship heaven. He's been obsessed  really into ships (especially shipwrecks) lately and he explored every inch of the Battleship.

I'm ready to push through these next 2 months and then be DONE with school for a little while. We definately needed the break but Noah is doing so well. He has finished his kindergarten math curriculum and moved into some 1st grade math. Not sure who's kid he is :)

Laurel is still liking school but the everyday 30 min. one way drive is getting to her. She says "Mommy, I'm ready to stay home at my house!" Me too! Looking forward to when I can homeschool them both. Preschool has been great for her though in learning how to talk to other kids and learning that other kids have hearing impairments like her. She needed to see she wasn't the only one out there.

The addition on our house hopefully getting a roof this week. Exciting but scary as well because they have to peel back part of the existing tin roof!
So, lots going on. Going to be hard to get back in the groove but Noah is excited about his new unit in school this week.....ROCKS. :) Oh Boy.

Monday, April 1, 2013


He Has Risen!!

Granny & Duncan

Playing Easter games

Noah, Hayden & Laurel playing the Egg & Spoon Race

HAPPY EASTER everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in a while...don't even know if I have any readers left but I thought I would show some of the Easter pictures I took this weekend. 
Had such a wonderful time with my Mom's side of the family. We played games and had good food! It was the first gathering since my Aunt Janie passed and I would be lying if I didn't say it was a bit hard. She left such a void in our family but we carry on. 
Sunday we had a wonderful service at our church and the focus was on the Ressurection of Christ and how believing it should change who we are! AMEN! We are not in slaves to sin anymore.
Then, to Nana's & Poppy's for more egg hunting and good food! We are exhausted but so thankful for all of our friends and family.

Our house addition is coming along nicely. The walls are up and hopefully the trusses and roof will be this week. I LOVE it!! So excited to see what it will look like.

That's all for now! Some really cute new kids have just gone up on the "new kids' page on Go pick you one to pray for, donate too or just adopt ;)