Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Pics

Oh yes she did!! This girl loves dark meat like her mama!! :)

The babies loved playing in the newly raked leaves.


Hiking at the park-gorgeous

Aunt Rach & Laurel "helping" to feed the horses

Since Thanksgiving was on a Thursday this year, we had lots of time to play with family & friends, hike, hunt & just be together. For all of that we are truly thankful. Noah & Laurel look forward to Mike blowing the leaves in a pile so they can jump in them over and over so that was a big hit. Poppy &Nana also had a big pile to jump in at their house. Mike & some guys from church got to hunt all day Sat. Two of them missed 8 pt. bucks in the morning hunt and no one saw anything in the evening hunt. Oh well, you win some you lose some. They still had a blast. While Noah hunted with Mike, Laurel "helped" Aunt Rach feed the horses. They have the prettiest sunsets on their farm!!

So, we were very blessed to have a wonderful thanksgiving that we could share with family and friends.

Friday, November 18, 2011


"Tebowin"- is defined as: getting down on one knee and start praying even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different.

Tim Tebow or (Tim Tepow) as Noah calls him, is a quarterback for the Denver Broncos who we have followed since his college days at Florida. He was raised in a Christian home and Homeschooled. He was allowed to play for a public high school and was drafted by the Denver Broncos. He has a great testimony & Noah loves wearing his jersey. While teaching our kids not to put anyone but Christ on a pedestal b/c EVERYONE ELSE will disapoint, we also are trying to teach them to recognize good role models when they see them and we believe that Tim Tebow has great charachter- I know, I know, I'm sure he's not pefect. It seems he is under attack a lot these days and some high profile people have come out and said that the press especially cannot stand him because he is an outspoken, unashamed Christian. Unfortunately, that's the world we live in. So, pray for him & people like him that they will not stumble and not be ashamed of the Lord.

So, Tim Tebow performs his "Tebowin" whenever he feels called to pray on the field. Pretty cool. Maybe we should start a trend. :) Anyone up for posting pictures of you "Tebowin" somewhere cool?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Noah's First Audition

This is his : My " Cheesy Mommy is making me smile, smile!"

So Noah has been going to this great homeschool acting class for a few months. He is a lot younger than the other kids but the teachers have been great to be patient with him and let him hang out with the big kids. Because Noah loves acting out & quoting movies at home and loves singing and being on stage, we wanted to allow him to pursue this a bit to see if it's his "thing". The class is doing a play "Henny Penny" with a spiritual twist and we would have been happy to sit and watch it but they wanted Noah to participate in auditions to see how he did. Parent's aren't allowed in the room so I really have no idea how he did (or what he said) but I was assured he did fine-an didn't do anything too innapropriate :) Anyway, today Noah was offered the part of Liddy Kitty who is a very educated cat who thinks a lot of himself. Shew! Boy was I surprised. He actually has lines and has a song to sing. I think I just became a stage mom. I must go throw up now! He won't be nervous a bit but I'll be hiding in the bathroom from my nerves. Now I know why my parents always had to leave the building when I showed horses at a horse show. :)

I have a cute Noahism for you that he said today. I was watching the Today show this morning before he got up and apparently Laurel hid the remote control b/c it was no where to be found. So, a clip from the Twilight movie came on and of course it happened to be the part where the boy and girl are in a big lake kissing. Deeming this innapropriate but of course unable to find the hidden remote I said.... " Noah, ah, let's just turn this off" and promptly did.
Noah's reply was...
" But Mommy, they were only baptizing!!". :)

Yes, being sheltered is so good. My sweet little boy.

HERE IS THE AUDITION THAT NOAH PERFORMED. The Monologue is from Foghorn Leghorn on Looney Toones and the Song is from Oklahoma "Oh what a Beautiful Morning"

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

For the Beauty of the Earth

Oh yes they did!! They killed a wild hog (No, Noah's gun is NOT real)

Look at this little EX-orphan THRIVE!! Isn't she awesome!?


My two monkey's-do not be fooled by the innocent expressions


Do you see my squirrels?

Today we were so blessed to be able to go over to John & Rach's to ride the gator around the farm and see the beauty that our God created. The trees were still so gorgeous and we had a blast running through the creek (Noah), having a picnic and riding a horse. We really needed a no stress filled day and so it was just what the doctor ordered.
Laurel is doing great after her hernia surgery. She's still a little sore and battling a cold but otherwise is doing fine. Noah had his 5 year check up on Friday. 5 YEARS!!! No way I have a 5 yr. old. He had an audition for a little play that he may be in coming up and I taped him doing his routine. I'll try and post that soon.... it's worth it! :)