Wednesday, December 29, 2010




Did you get any snow?? We got LOTS and the babies had a great time playing in it. Christmas was great. We went to lots of parties, stayed up way to late, ate way too much and had lots of candy!!! I knew we'd better get back to a routine when the night after Christmas, Laurel woke up in the night and got on her hands and knees (she was still asleep) and started telling Dora who is on her wall that it was "Her Turn". That same night, Noah would wake up and say part of his Bible verse over and over " And they wrapped the baby in cloths and laid him in a manger!". Too funny. They keep us laughing they do.

I guess it's time to make those darn New Year's resolutions but I haven't the time right now to think about them. I'll let you know what they are when I know what they are! :)

Once again, it was so nice to see family & friends that we don't get the treat to see a lot over Christmas. Thanks to you all for everything and all the memories made this year!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tis' the Season....


Shew! It's been a bit busy around these parts. We've been to Christmas parade's, an amazing Christmas train ride at the Denton Farm Park, and Mike's Graduation from College! Lots of family went with us an saw him graduate. We are so proud of him. Not many people can be an awesome husband, a great Daddy to 2 kids, hold down a full time job and a part time job in the summer, lead a Bible Study and go to school.... Oh and part of his studies were completed while in Ukraine adopting Laurel for 6 weeks. Thank you Lord! Anyway, tis the season for business and parties and such but don't forget to slow down for the simple things. Sing some songs with some family or friends, memorize Luke 2, the Christmas Story, seek out someone less fortunate and help them (you won't have to look far). These are things that Christmas time was meant for. Joy to the World, the Lord is come!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

All I Want For Christmas is a Mommy & Daddy?? Will YOU Help??

I know this post may make some uncomfortable. I understand that putting a face on suffering is painful and hard to watch. I get all of that, believe me. BUT, I am begging here. This little girl's name is Michelle. She is in Laurel's orphanage and we were able to observe her several times. She is NOT very low functioning. She is amazing in spite of her disabilities. Let me tell you what we observed...

We were going into the orphanage one day to have our visit with Laurel. A caregiver came out holding both of "Michelle's" hands up over her head. She was walking.... Not impressed yet? She is mostly blind and has CP. This little girl was then expected to climb about 30 concrete steps while the caregiver squeaked a toy I guess that helped her count. She was then taken to a picnic table, in the HOT sun and sat there, with no toys, the entire time while the other children played around her. By the time she got to the top of the stairs her tights were around her ankles. No one bothered to pull them up. She sat there quietly for about an hour.

So what do we do with this? I have no idea honestly. You'll never know the hours in prayer I've gone around and around wondering if there was a way to make her mine. It just can't happen now. It was so much easier to deal with this orphan crisis before I saw the faces. Before I had one in my own home and saw what ramifications to children aren't rocked, don't get enough food, don't get medical attention or much attention at all for that matter. And don't get me wrong, I am not being down on Ukraine. Laurel's orphanage was very clean and she was very well cared for. She loved her caregivers and they seemed to care for her but their job is overwhelming. Too many children and too few workers and money.
I am begging this Christmas for your prayers for little Michelle. I would love to see her get out of this orphanage and into a home. Her time is short. She is 4 and between 4-5 these children are transferred to institutions and are likely bedridden for life. If you don't believe me, google Institution in these countries. They usually do not live very long. Michelle needs medical attention, she needs love, she needs a MOMMY & DADDY. Please help make this her last Christmas without one. *** If you are unable to adopt that is ok. Please consider making a donation to her grant fund. It all goes to a family that would committ to adopt her. I'd bet you if she had a full grant ($24,000) then a family would come forward*** Here is her info on (other angels girls 0-5)


Michelle (6)
Girl, Born September 8, 2006
This precious little girl is mostly blind. She has obvious cataracts and strabismus. Her medical records indicate that she is blind with optic atrophy. She has tetraparesis (limb weakness), and this is caused by diagnosed CP. A family who visited with her recently tells us she is quite low functioning right now, but goodness, how she would blossom in al oving family who could really help her overcome her lack of vision!
Michelle will be transferred to a mental institution and will likely remain bedridden for life if she is not adopted. Hope someone will consider being her “forever family”!
I have $58.5 in my grant fund towards the cost