Monday, August 13, 2007


THE: I'm figuring how to get that camera out of your hand face
THE: Yeah I know I'm cute face

OF COURSE THE: Squinto the Indian Face

The Face that scares me when he comes after me with it.

THE: I just screamed myself to sleep in the carseat face.

And finally THE: Get these things off my face, Face!
I never knew one youngin' could look so different. It seems Noah changes daily. But it's so much fun to watch. You never know what is coming next.


Hannah said...

That baby is probably squinting because the music coming from the boombox is too loud....I'm calling someone.

Rachael said...

Hannah calls too many people and I don't even think she really knows how to use the phone.

Hannah said...

I'm calling the Food Lion.

Joy said...

Don't grow too fast Mr. Noah!

4kids&luvit said...

Very funny- I enjoy all your pictures, Martha! Hannah really does need to start a blog of all the things she wants to call the authorities about. It would give us a good laugh and be good material for that "someday" when she night actually have kids of her own.

Crystal Haynes said...

Martha, too cute! I love the one of him at the beach. Still my favorite and I think it should be in a baby magazine. It would definately win. :)