Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Angie was the only one brave enough to face the freezing water!

Cora's lesson on how we are each tied together and how what we do affects each other either good or bad (it involved string, a spoon and going down the shirt-don't ask :)

Nightly walks on the beach

Um yes, it was a little chilly

Our view from one of the decks
A skit on Faith and Folly. Ruby was Naive. Very funny girls!

Sonia and Michelle
Gorgeous walks on the beach. Perfect for contemplating.

So much is happening and I can't even begin to touch it with this short blog post. I spent the weekend at a Ladies Retreat and had an awesome time. I was so encouraged by the teaching. The theme was How God's greatness grows our faith and faithfulness. We covered Hebrews 11 and the faith "hall of fame." It was so good to hear the old Bible stories that most of us know, retold and the challenges that they faced and how that they were ordinary people with extraordinary faith!!! What made it even more real was knowing and hearing about the challenges that some of these women had faced and were facing even that week. New friendships were made, new decisions decided upon and hopefully we will all be able to remember and apply what we learned back in our busy, crazy lives. Another element that was added to the retreat was Noah being sick back at home. His fever came back on Saturday and stayed until mid day Sunday. The ladies were so good to pray for him each time it spiked and after they prayed Mike called and said his fever had broke. Thank you for all of your support ladies!! As far as Noah is concerned, we spent Monday in the doctor's office with a high fever and strange behavior (well he is my child). They did bloodwork and a urinalysis and still believe that this is virus related. We do go tomorrow (Wednesday) for an EEG to make sure that this is not seizure activity. Please pray for him tomorrow because it is a very stressful test on him. The MRI is scheduled for May 8th to investigate his headaches. Through all of this I still know God is faithful no matter what the outcome. He is the Great Physician and has asked us to come to Him in times of need. So that's exactly what we are doing. Thank you for your prayers!


kareng said...

Thanks for putting the pictures up. I think Katie really liked that icebreaker, while Debbie was having a little trouble with the concept!

the group photo came out well.

We will pray you will find answers to your questions about Noah's fevers and behaviors. Praying also that he will tolerate procedures well. You and Mike are great parents and will see him through,just as your Father will see you through!

Elizabeth said...

Looks like you had fun! And that picture of Noah is so cute! I hope everything turns out well!

4kids&luvit said...

Keep usd informed- I'm praying as always for your sweet family! Thank all the ladies for Lauren's sweet cheerful card, she LOVED getting it in the mail!