Thursday, June 5, 2008


Doesn't this kinda look like the lampost in Narnia? (humor me here)
Memorial Day party with everyone at Kathy & Larry's new outdoor oasis!
I'm so sorry it has taken so long to update this thing but Noah's look in the picture above says it all. "Whew, what a week!!". As a wonderful lady from our church spoke on the other night said, "life's comes at ya fast!". I had laid out my plans for this past week so carefully. I was keeping 2 toddlers for different ladies and it was all set. The Lord had different plans. Early Monday morning, Mike's aunt died very unexpectedly. We were all shocked and left to wonder why. But I can tell you that through all of the turmoil and tears, God was glorified. My wonderful mother took up the slack with the precious children (and my own), my church family showered the family with visits and food, wonderful questions were being asked and answered about Jesus, my pastor was able to preach Jesus to a room full of people and God was faithful. Thank you all for your prayers and support to the family in this trying time. God's words are so true "Come unto me all who are heavy laden and I will give you rest..."


kareng said...

Love the picture of Noah. God's Beauty for Ashes evidenced in floral pictures and family fun! Praying for you all!

Rachael said...

I want a Narnia lamp post in my room. I think it's really cool. I got more picture from grandmas house too and I think some may go to the photo contest.

4kids&luvit said...

Oh, Marth. I'm so very sorry about Kathy's sister. We prayed for her often in Bible study last season- I thought she was doing well?

Your flowers are lovely and WOW you DO have a Narnia lampost! You need to get a sign that says "Lantern Waste" for that part of your garden:)

Carroll said...

I was just thinking that I needed a lamp-post the other day. This confirms it! ; )

83rocketscientist said...

Sorry life has kept you pretty busy lately martha! It was nice of your mom to watch your kids for you!