Sunday, January 4, 2009


Not too many exciting things going on in our household this week and after the whirlwind last few weeks we are pretty thankful for some down time. We are thoroughly one of our New Years Resolutions which is to read through the New Testament twice. This is done by reading about 2 chapters a day-easy yet very rewarding! Our churches theme for '09 is "Let the light shine in 2009!". Very challenging as we seek ways in our church life as well as our personal lives to help other's see the light of Jesus.

In adoption news: There isn't too much to tell here either. We are still waiting on our approved Home Study and were told hopefully we'll receive it in the next week. Mike is going tomorrow to the Clerk of Courts to get our Dossier County Certified. We are planning a fund raising yard sale for the Spring. I'll let you know more when we do! Thank you for your prayers.


Rachael said...


Cutest child ever!

kareng said...

Noah knows every song on that CD in Sunday School! He is so cute, just sings along as he plays! You already know how he learns,by singing and doing!

kareng said...

what kind of camera did you get? I really like your pics of John and Rachael!