Saturday, April 4, 2009

Throwing the Fish Back

Mike took Noah fishing today...for almost 3 hours! They caught several fish but Noah was very attatched to the fish above because he actually reeled it in. He named it "Nemo" (very creative) and had a mini meltdown when we had to throw it back in order to save it's life :)

In adoption news: Our fundraising yardsale is the last Saturday of this month. Please pray for good turnout and good weather. We have still not chosen what direction we are going yet. It is between the special needs program for China or the Phillippines. Please pray for wisdom as we decide.


Wandering Family said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!! That is too cute. Dang, I miss all of you. Give a kiss to that beautiful little boy of yours.

Carroll said...

Y'all really should have mounted his fish...of course, then he probably wouldn't want to sleep in the same room with it... ; )

Trinity Mommy said...

I posted a comment on one of your other posts but just know you have many people praying for you! My husband was able to chat with your husband today and we are both praying for you guys! Cant wait to see you and chat more on the 18th!!

Rachael said...

He's such a drama queen;)

Joy said...

Martha this is precious! I will be thinking of you all that sat.

babyarnie said...

Thank you all for your sweet comments!
J&B- we miss ya'll more than we can say.

Carroll: we thought about mounting it but yep... you pegged it right!

Heather: Thank ya'll for your prayers-Mike loved talking to your husband. Thanks for the encouragment.

Rach: He comes by it honest

Joy:Thanks for the prayers