Sunday, May 31, 2009


Hi Everyone. As of today I have gone "Private" with Laurel's Blog. We've had to do this for many reasons but it has been definately recommended to us! If you want to be added to the blog readers list for access please let me know (either leave a post or email me) and I'll add you. If you aren't friends or family and a reader who I may not know- please leave a line about yourself in the line so I'll know who you are! Thanks so much for understanding. We want everything to go as smoothly as possible with this and don't want to mess anything else up for other people's adoptions. Laurel's new blog address is: www.


Meredith said...

Please add me to the reading list. Thanks! :-)


PamC said...

We're praying.
Please add me to Laurel's blog.
Pam Carson

Anonymous said...

Please add me to Laurel's blog.

Aunt Claudia

Crystal Haynes said...

Add me too please. I would love to read how your journey's going to get your little girl. :)

Crystal Haynes said...

add me at :)

Angela said...

Please add me, too!