Thursday, January 29, 2009


Last weekend we loaded up in the car and took a little driving trip around the city. Somehow our car just veered towards the krispy kreme drive thru and we just happened to order a dozen delicious, melt in your mouth glazed doughnuts. We introduced Noah to these delicious treats but I'm not sure he was overly impressed. He ate a bite and then held it on his finger to "show Poppy". We didn't spend any money other than to buy the doughnuts but had a wonderful time together!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

In the Meadow we can build a Snowman.....

The snow was beautiful and now it's gone. I must admit I had a wonderful time playing in it with my new camera. Noah only got to view it from the inside of the house mostly but we did let him go out in his 12 layers for about 10 minutes to taste the snow. His words were..."oooh mama, it's so good!". I LOVE seeing old this from his new little perspective. He seems to be feeling better although he still has a pretty rough cough. Thank you all for your prayers.
PS: Walking in a Winter Wonderland is Rachael's Absolutely FAVORITE song so next time you all see her please sing a bar or two ;)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sick, Sick, Sick

So what has been going on in our household lately you ask? Well let's see; temper tantrums, short fuses, crying fits, food strikes, screaming in the night and no sleep. Ahhh you say, they have a toddler!! True but how about a toddler with a double ear infection and pneumonia!! Yes, I took Noah to the doctor today b/c of a cough that he's had about 2 weeks and a disposition that is totally not him. Sure enough he's sick, sick, sick. Thankfully he didn't have to have a breathing treatment because she said the pneumonia is just in one lung right now. So she gave us antibiotics, probiotics and some good old home remedies to try and an appointment for a recheck. Tonight he was so tired by 8pm that he got off his tricycle and just laid down on the floor flat trying to go to sleep. I quickly picked up on the hint and put him to bed. Not just any bed mind you but "mommy's bed." I guess there's just no place like Mommy's bed when your sick.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


We had a pretty slow week this week which was very deliberate. Our week/weekend last week was pretty whirlwind so I made a point to stay at home with Noah as much as possible this week. We even stayed in our pajamas all day a few days. This was good because Noah's had the sniffles a bit. Last night we had some wonderful fellowship with 2 dear friends and their baby (Dan & Valerie & baby Cooper.) Noah always loves playing with other children and made instant friends with baby "Koo Koo" (Noah's nickname for him). This morning we all got up after 10am, a miracle I must say, and decided we would pack a picknick and go to a local state park. We had a wonderful time walking, eating and looking at the streams. Noah fell asleep instantly when we got in the truck to leave. Enjoy the pictures! We had fun sticking Noah up in the tree. To all the worry worts out there Mike was standing to Noah's immediate right making sure he didn't fall. The picture of the rainbow was taken out my back door. This rainbow popped up after a terrible wind storm and seemed to come right out of the swamp in the trees. I love that God made His creation so beautiful for us to enjoy and we are definately taking advantage of it.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Not too many exciting things going on in our household this week and after the whirlwind last few weeks we are pretty thankful for some down time. We are thoroughly one of our New Years Resolutions which is to read through the New Testament twice. This is done by reading about 2 chapters a day-easy yet very rewarding! Our churches theme for '09 is "Let the light shine in 2009!". Very challenging as we seek ways in our church life as well as our personal lives to help other's see the light of Jesus.

In adoption news: There isn't too much to tell here either. We are still waiting on our approved Home Study and were told hopefully we'll receive it in the next week. Mike is going tomorrow to the Clerk of Courts to get our Dossier County Certified. We are planning a fund raising yard sale for the Spring. I'll let you know more when we do! Thank you for your prayers.