Monday, June 21, 2010

South Carolina & Pennsylvania

Here we are in SC with Grandat & Dusie & Uncle Ronnie
A gun-courtesy of Nana..... ;)
Laurel is definately an animal lover
OK John, no complaining about doing hay.... look at these guys!

Lovin' Cherry Crest Farm

An Amish volleyball tournament

Waiting for Thomas
Yummy homeade root beer and jellies!
Amish Buggies

As you can see with the lack of updates, our family has been traveling a bit these last few weeks. We took a trip to SC to see Grandat and Dusie. We had a great time catching up although Laurel got pretty sick with Croup. Hopefully next trip she will be a little more agreeable.
This past weekend we went to PA with Nana & Poppy. Now Noah just LOVES Pennsylvania. And as you can see from the pictures you'll know why. We visited Gettysburg Battlefield, Hershey (Laurel was in heaven!!), Cherry Crest Farm (so much fun for 1 day!!) and Day out with Thomas the Train. I know I've left things out but there was so much to do. Noah was so excited to see Thomas he almost quit breathing! That boy and trains. Laurel was pretty much the same way when we visited the chocolate factory..... a girl after my own heart. I have so many more pictures but not nearly enough computer space for them right now but I'll post more later. Thanks to Nana & Poppy for many new memories made!!


Rachael said...

What beautiful pictures!!! Hey, I want to sleep in a batch of corn too!

Anonymous said...

Oops - sorry I bought the gun, maybe that's why Mike tried to drag me down the parking lot as I was getting in the car!! Nana

Carroll said...

The corn picture reminds me of Scrooge McDuck swimming around in his money bin!

Wow - that was random. I'm glad you're back. Come visit soon!

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

Love the pics and NEED to visit that farm!!!!!
We had a RR "staff" meeting last night and I may or may not have suggested that you and Mike would be perfect for something:) Just to give you a heads up:) I'll call or write later when I'm sure about things.

Somewhere Behind the Morning said...

How beautiful!!!

I love the picture of Laurel with the pony!!! So cute! :)