Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Coyotes and the Emergency Room.....

Just look at this cool shot of the coyote
Noah was fishing with a stick for algae

One of the gorgeous creeks

Hey Rach..... get married under this tree!!

The babies and I were invited by Rach & John to ride the new gator around the farm. We had a blast and saw so many things. The highlight was seeing a coyote and being able to watch it for a few minutes. We were even able to get photos and a video of it. Noah was completely still and quiet and amazed! It is so neat that these animals as big (or bigger) than dogs are running around out in the woods and fields and are hardly ever seen. We were lucky to catch a glimpse.
On another note.... Mike and I had to take Noah to the lovely Emergency Room last night (Monday). He and Laurel woke up with a cough and Noah's gradually turned into a wheeze and then difficulty breathing. His inhaler didn't help and the Doctor sent us to the E Room. They saw us right away and a chest xray, a steriod, and 2 breathing treatments later we were on our way home with a different child. He had never breathed like he was that night and we were pretty scared. Anyway, I thought it would be Laurel who would have been at the hospital as she had the 104 fever but nope..... not that strong Ukrainian. Today they are grumpy but no real fevers or wheezing PRAISE GOD. Hears to hoping we'll all sleep well tonight.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Whole Lotta Love .... & Snow

There has been a whole lotta love going around our house!! For some strange reason Noah & Laurel have been getting along great. Not that they don't have their moments (like when she pulls a king kong on his train track), but they have definately hit a new level of brother/sister love. Today, when Laurel was stuck in between the table and the chair (happens a lot) and she was screaming, loudly, I heard Noah say "It's ok Laurel, don't cry, I'll help you." Now, usually he would scream back at her "Laurel STOP SCREAMING". Laurel's developmental therapist has been helping us "learn" to talk to each other so Laurel can understand us. Noah is really getting it and I'm very proud of him.
Noah cracks me up these days with some things he says. Yesterday he was looking for his big stuffed Nemo fish. He said "Mommy, go find my Nemo". I told him that I was busy and he could look for his Nemo. He said " Aw Come on Mommy, sure ya can. He big and bright orange, now go find him." I'd say he's getting a little big for his britches! :)
Once again we had snow here this past week. I think it was the prettiest snow I've seen in a long time. Light and fluffy and it was gone by the next day. Perfect. Enjoy the pics.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Funny Valentine

If you want to hear the cutest most sweetest Valentine EVER just click on the above video clip. No, I didn't prompt him. He did this all by himself and my heart just melted. I love being his Mommy. My Funny Valentine.