Sunday, April 22, 2012


                                                       GEARING UP FOR PRACTICE
                             BEST FRIENDS....AND SOMETIMES WORSE ENEMIES :)
                                                     PRAYER TIME BEFORE GAME
I'm officially a soccer mom. Yep, I said it. I guess that's the first step in the road to recovery. Just kidding to all the soccer mom's out there....sort of. Noah wanted to play soccer this year so we signed him up for Upward soccer. It' a Christian organization that has a short Bible study at each practice,a Bible verse for each week and a testimony at each game. They were short a person on the team so the Coach asked if Laurel wanted to be on it. Much to my surprise Miss Priss said she wanted to play. "Play" loosely translated.... mostly stand around and pick her fingernails but she's out there nevertheless!! I'm very proud of them. It's teaching them teamwork and how to listen to the Coach. The Coach is a great guy who's very positive and gets that at this early age it's about having fun. Shew! What a relief. I'd hate to have to deck the guy for screaming at my 4 yr. old! :)

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