Thursday, March 20, 2014

Wendy Needs A Rescuer

    Close your eyes a moment. Imagine never being able to open them again. How would you get around? How would you get your food and drink? Now imagine not being able to walk AND being blind. It is reality for a little child that I cannot get out of my mind. I am not even sure of her real name. She is known only as "Wendy"  to me, but I assure you that she is very real. I have seen her.
    I will back up a bit and tell you that 4 years ago, we adopted our daughter from an orphanage in EE. She was in a group of about 7 Special Needs children and "Wendy" was one of them. As far as orphanages go, we believe this was a "good" one. The director was very nice and although the  caregivers were not very friendly to us, most seemed to care for the kids. We saw "Wendy" several times being pushed in the stroller (see pic above). I know it's a bad picture but photos were NOT allowed. We also watched a scene that broke my heart. All of the kids from this group were sitting in the outdoor shed (pictured above) and played very quietly by themselves on a blanket on the ground. They were each given 1 "toy" (ie...spoon, plastic bottle, broken truck.) "Wendy" has CP and obviously had trouble sitting up by herself. They would give her a toy and sit her up and she would stay a minute and then fall over and cry and cry. She couldn't get up and nobody helped her. She would lay there and just cry. Broke. My. Heart.
    We know "Wendy" has been transferred to an Institution. It is a cruel reality in her country. Usually her orphanage transfers kids that have some type of disability at the age of 4. It is horrible but in their eyes the only way to handle special needs. Typical orphanages cannot handle special needs and so Institutions are where they go to live out their shortend lives. Life in an Institution is horrible. For Wendy it is a death sentence. The children and adults that are not mobile are kept in beds and cribs. With very few staff and very many children it is not an option to get them up and out. Their diapers are changed maybe twice a day. They never have therapy to learn to eat solid food so bottles are quickly shoved in their mouths and taken away just as quickly no matter if they are done or choking. It is real. I have seen it.
  We have to help Wendy get out! I know it will take a special family who will love a child and expect nothing in return but I believe Wendy is capable of so much more. Even if she never walks, talks, says "I love you Mama" she is a soul WORTH saving. She is a life and she deserves to be loved!
    So, for the month of March and April I will donate all of the proceeds of my Etsy shop to this sweet girl. Please visit it to see if their is anything you would like. If you are a local friend, please email me @ for a coupon code to avoid shipping and I will deliver! If you feel lead to give a tax deductible donation you can do so here She has $1600 in her account right now and needs approximately $22,000 in order for her adoption to be paid for, it will make the financial burden so much easier on a family! Yes, it's a lot but tell much is a child's life worth?

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