Sunday, March 1, 2015


We took a camper and this was the anticipation of going in the gate!

Mike got to be in the Indian Jones Show :)

Nana pulled off something amazing and Noah got to fight Darth Vader...and meet him!

Magic Kingdom was our Favorite!

Swimming in February!!

The fireworks show really was magical!

Laurel's favorite! Rapunzel. We were the last to make it in.

We finished up the trip with Sea World. The shows were amazing.

We took a trip to Disney World. A friend helped us get a wonderful deal and we saved for about a year but we did it! We took a camper down so we could cook throughout the week and save some money and not stop every  5 min for a bathroom break :)
We did Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom (2 days), Animal Kingdom and Sea World. Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios was our favorite. We found out we LOVE roller coasters! We loved  the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Noah hated Expedition Everest but it was Laurel's favorite (backwards roller coaster in the dark while being chased by a Yeti). The Sea World shows were amazing.
We were up earlier each day than we ever get up at home and stayed out waaay to late but we had a blast! Yes, we were exhausted but it really was magical. 
My favorite was the parade and fireworks at Magic Kingdom and then running to do a few more rides before they closed and watching the 10pm parade again. It felt like we had the park  all to ourselves. 
Our kids hung with us incredibly. They were awesome and a pleasure to be with. 
We had a wonderful time with Nana, Poppy and Aunt Michelle. It is definately a trip we will always remember. They rightly call it "The Magic Kingdom". If you stay there long enough, you start believing in the magic yourself :)

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JennyJohnson said...

Great pics, Martha---great memories!

(Your first visit was about 1979---before you were born---your first visit---my last :)