Sunday, June 21, 2015

Cowboys, Indians & a Little Biking Adventure

Our View from the Mountain House

Tweetsie Railroad

Cousins..... AKA Thugs

Duncan didn't want to watch but Gunner was all for it

Riding the train makes me sleepy

Wish I had one of these at home :0

Getting Ready to take Tweetsie by storm
I almost  threw up

 A good old fashioned Cowboy & Indian fight
Ready to ride the Virginia Creeper Trail

Not part of the trail but he took a detour :)

Go Nana!

After the trail.....NASTY

We are in the throws of summer here. HOT HOT HOT. So, both our families got together and rented a house in the Mountains where it truly is 10 to 15 degrees cooler. Our Mountain house was beautiful and the highest point in the area..... but the catch was the driveway. It rivaled anything we had ever seen. You literally took your life into your hands to try and drive up it. I may be exaggerating a little, but only a little :) However, in this family our men are brave (good thing because us women are chickens) and we made it up and down safely.

First stop was Tweetsie Railroad! I remember going as a small child and completely being terrified at the Cowboy & Indian fight and the result was my sister and I finishing the ride underneath the train seats, black with soot. We figured it was high time our children shared in this joy.... it's kind of a right of passage. We were disappointed however that the Cowboy & Indian show is now pretty tame and family friendly and even comical. Oh well.... we have the memories. In spite of this however, Tweetsie Railroad is my most favorite family friendly park (besides Disney World of course). The place is clean, not crowded, no lines and *gasp* the park workers are so friendly! In fact, we had been 4 years ago and saw  many of the same workers still working cheerfully. It is small enough that you don't die from all the walking but large enough you don't feel hemmed in. We just love this place and so did the kids.

The next day we went to ride the Virginia Creeper Trail. It is a 34 mile downhill bike ride that started as an Indian path & was travelled by Daniel Boone and later turned into a railroad. Then it was turned into a bike,walk, horse path. We just rode the 17 mile trip (saved the full 34 for another time) from White Top to Damascus. If you have never done it you are in for a treat and I highly recommend it (when it's not raining). It is downhill through the most beautiful country you have ever seen, right down the mountain. We were having a lovely time until about mile 6 when the bottom fell out and in monsooned on us. I mean a blinding, driving rain where you could see nothing. There was no shelter or cell service so you just keep riding, until I hit a bridge but I recovered nicely. After the rain passed, we then rode the last 10 miles in mud. Ever ridden a bike behind someone in the mud? Try it, it's quite the experience! All I can say is that my family are troopers! Yes, we whined & complained but we were so excited to have accomplished something. It took us 3 hours and I wouldn't trade the memories for the world. I will however look at the weather and take rain gear next time.

The last day we woke up liesurly (ok we were sore from the ride) and we went to Mystery Hill where your gravity is all thrown off and water flows up hill and a ball will roll uphill. I kid you not. Look it up.

We had a blast. We are exhausted but very blessed to have wonderful family and live so close to so many things!


JennyJohnson said...

It was a wonderful trip. So good to have "the fam" together all in one place. The view from the house was worth the drive alone. Hat's off the men who got us to the top alive, but oh my, once we made it, what a place.
Thanks so much, Kathy and Larry. A "great time was had by all!"

Diana said...

The Virginia Creeper is really wonderful. Georgia and I did the first 17 on bikes too, in March, and froze to death. But great bike ride. The last 17 are beautiful to ride or walk, since it is mostly through farms, so it opens up a bit. So glad y'all finished well!!
And Mystery Hill is the bomb! We still go every year, and the grown ups love it just as well. Next time you should try Doc's Gem Mine next door. Legit.
Great pictures, great memories!

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