Sunday, August 23, 2015

Ships, Trips & "See you Sunday"

Miles can separate but they are friends for life

Spanish Galeon Ship

August has FLOWN. I cannot believe we are now facing starting school again and heading in fall! (I happen to love fall so that makes me happy) :)  We just took an impromptu trip to the beach to see a Spanish Galleon Ship that had docked for 10 days. The line was long and it was hot but we got to board it and tour it. The kids loved it and it was well worth the time. Then we headed to the beach for a few hours. As you can see by the photos they went screaming into the water as fast as they could. No sharks were sighted but a lot of fun was had. We finished the trip by having a wonderful seafood dinner but having our car break down and having my parents come pick us up all the way at the beach! It was a long but fun day.

As to the "See you Sunday" part of the post.... We have some dear friends that were here resting up and visiting for a few months. The kids all really bonded this time and they are greatly missed! We have always said to them that we don't say "goodbye". We say "See you Sunday" because hopefully, eventually that will be true again. Strangely it helps but we still miss them. They are not forgotten!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

The "Rock House"

Years ago, when I was very young, an important part of my childhood memories include a little "Rock House" out in the woods near the family farm. This was before video and computer games and we used our imagination and could play for hours in this little grove made up of rocks that looked like furniture in a house. We had a refrigerator, couch, TV, beds, chairs and even a piano!! I am so happy to still have access to the farm and this special place. My kids have seen it but I didn't know if they remembered it. Yesterday, we were able to go through the woods and find it. They loved "seeing" each thing I remember "seeing" in the rocks. Of course, the piano was the biggest hit. So thankful for little, happy memories.

Laurel and her doll "Sarah" playing the "piano"

Noah hanging out reading on the "Couch"