Monday, December 26, 2016

The Govenor's Mansion and Giant Bucks

November and December were full of chorus concerts for Noah and hunting. Noah's singing class got to sing at an assisted living home as well as an invitation to sing at the Governor's Mansion. He was so very excited and did well despite  being under the weather and a super cold day. Gov. McCrory even came in to talk to them and was very gracious.

Mike shot his dream monster buck in an early morning hunt. Noah chose to sleep in so he missed it but came out and celebrated. We have lots of venison to eat this year!

We are chugging along slowly and surely with our adoption. The homestudy process has taken much longer than we hoped due to changes we were not aware of happening in our agency. Our last homestudy visit will be January 4th. After that, we will finish compiling our dossier and submit it to the country V is in. We are hoping for a April/May travel date. We have been in contact with V and he asked Mike the other day if he could come now and get him. THANK YOU to everyone who has helped us with our adoption!! If you feel lead, there is a tax deductable link on the right hand side that will go directly into our account.Or follow the link below...

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