Sunday, July 27, 2008

It all started with a Haircut.....

Noah and the Blowfish
Remember this??? (above)

Now look at this!!! I know... not an extreme makeover but

why mess with perfection :)

Noah clapping for himself for being so brave.

It still wasn't his favorite thing to do however.

A jellyfish from our trip to the Aquarium

Mike and Noah discussing a jet flying over

" Haji and Ja "

The Tropical Storm caused huge waves but beautiful skies.

The WHOLE crew (minus a few that couldn't be there)

Mmmm...... Strawberry and Cream homeade popsicle

And Now to the Wedding......................

During the rehearsal the church started filling with smoke. An AC belt burned up
and all was well the next day but it makes a great story.!

So our crazy last week and a half started with Noah getting a haircut. It wasn't very drastic mind you but now it doesn't look so much like a mullet. Anyway, we took a trip with the College and Career Group to the beach for a good part of the week. Noah did great and LOVED the water. Thank you guys for being so good to him. We are blessed to have such great friends as ya'll. The food was delicious (Carroll), the fellowship was great, and the games were so much fun! The quote of the week was: Group: Hey Brian what are you doing? Brian: "I'm looking at dung" Don't ask me to explain but we all got a kick out of it. On Tuesday we took the ferry to see the Aquarium. Noah was mesmerized by all the fish. I think it might be time to watch Finding Nemo.
We came home to go to a rehersal and wedding for Mike's cousin. It was so beautiful and encouraging to see a couple so committed to each other and to God. Congrats you guys! So.... pretty busy in all and that was only a taste of what's happening in our lives but I couldn't post all the pictures. Maybe next I'll let ya'll know what is going on in the adoption process..


Carroll said...

Fun times!'s the Crocodile Hunter???

babyarnie said...

Don't worry Carroll! I've got more pics to come and the croc hunter will be seen! I've also got a hilarious pic of you and Tommy making gagging faces! :)

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

Great pictures! I want to keep up with the adoption process too! My friend Meg is going through it, you can link to her blog from mine.

wanderingfamily said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all.

But, you still should have Photoshopped us into one of the beach pictures so we wouldn't feel so left out.

kareng said...

Jordan likes the haircut.Yes, tell us more about the adoption process and where you guys are now! Looks like you have been busy, missed Noah this Sunday!

babyarnie said...

Jess, we did better than that... we had Kellie stand in for Bobbie. Not many can tell the difference. We LOVED having her there.