Sunday, July 6, 2008


This is Noah trying to be one of the "big boys"
Nana & Poppy at one of our favorite ice cream places

The Fireworks Celebration with some wonderful friends!


These are pictures from the Threshers Reunion we love to go to. It's basically a big tractor show. Noah loved the train! (I love this pic of Daddy. It looks like smokes coming out of his head.)

I tried to discreetly get this pic of this adorable old man in overalls but it came out a little blurry
Noah's first train ride on the Handy Dandy Railroad. He can now say "choo choo".
A farewell to brothers and sisters.

Baby Matthew being dedicated
New friendships being started. We'll miss you sweet Steven!

What a great 4 day weekend! We started by having ice cream with Nana and Poppy at one of our favorite ice cream places. Mmm.... Cake Batter Ice Cream. Then we went to the fireworks with our old friends (not that they are old) :) Brian and Crystal. Noah didn't go this year due to the fact that he screams at loud noises and would be totally horrible. Maybe next year. Then early the next morning we traveled down to the Threshers Reunion. It's basically a huge tractor show with lots of demonstrations, train rides and a petting zoo. We had a great time and Noah got to ride a train for the first time. He's hooked! Sunday we heard a wonderful sermon from our dear pastor and got to see baby Matthew get dedicated. It was beautiful (even though Noah saw people he knew halfway through it and started screaming "Poppy" in the middle of church. Sorry Bobbie and Jess. We then went to a great going away party for Bobbie and Jessie. We are going to miss you guys so much. But we don't say goodbye in this family. We say "see ya Sunday"! A great weekend. Noah went to bed early however b/c we are pretty tired. We are so lucky to have friends and family like you all.


Carroll said...

yay for the fireworks setting on your camera!

joyalous said...

i miss you. a lot. can you talk sometime this weekend? or fri night?

Rachael said...

THE SHREKERS REUNION!! THREE CHEERS. Or three bottles of water cause it was really stinkin' hot.

babyarnie said...

Joy! Call me this weekend. I'll make time for you. Miss you so much.

Anonymous said...

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4kids&luvit said...

You make me laugh. Trying to take a discreet picture of a man in overalls (laughing). Also, LOVE the picture of Mr Donald with smoke coming out of his head. He must be pondering deep thoughts.