Sunday, August 17, 2008


It's a it's a plane....

Noah and two salty ol' vets

Noah pressing the attack

A scene from John's farm

We've been pretty busy here the last few weekends. No rest for the weary but lots of fun! Last weekend we went to the Airborne museum and watching the Golden Knights jump out of planes and land (safely I might add) . Noah laughed when he saw them jump out. This past weekend Mike and I went with Rachael and John up to one of his farms and hauled the horses up there. The food, fellowship and riding was great but I'll let Rachael tell you the rest of the story. Check her blog for updates. Well, the last pic is of Noah and his latest addiction.... STICKERS. He puts them everywhere. Sometimes if feels like all I do is scrape stickers off the floor, window, fridge, myself, Noah. Anyway, as for the adoption update... Please be praying that our social worker will call soon to schedule the home study. She has gotten all of our mounds of paperwork from the agency last week so we are just waiting for the call. After the home study is finished (3 visits), we will be put on the waiting list for Ukraine. You can also pray for the unrest in Russia/Georgia right now because that does affect our process.


I am Joy. said...

Very cool pics! The tree at the farm reminds me of Pride and Prejudice... well, a little anyway. Jack and Earnest are putting stickers everywhere, too. One of their favorites is to wear them like beards and mustaches. Funny boys. I especially like the picture of Noah peering through the steering wheel.

Joy said...

i love the pic of Noah "driving"!
will prob call later this week.

Carroll said...

How funny! Noah can come put stickers on Frank any time he wants!