Wednesday, September 10, 2008


A few short updates....... First, please pray for our dear church friend Ken D. who is suffering from brain cancer. He is going in for surgery (Thurs am) at Duke with the doctor that Kennedy had a few months ago. The part of the tumor that they left in his brain has grown rapidly again so they need to get it out quickly. Please pray for strength for his family during this time. Even through all the pain, Ken has not stopped praising God.
Also, our homestudy that was scheduled for yesterday didn't happen. An hour before she was to come, she had to cancel. A real bummer but she is coming Friday night and again Saturday morning. Hopefully the final walkthrough will be on Monday.

Lastly, check out Mike's blog for one of his updates and a hilarious video of Noah pronouncing our new kitty's name! So long for now.


Elizabeth said...

When is the State Fair Photo Competition deadline?

babyarnie said...

Sometime the first week of october I think?? I'll let you know!!!

Heather said...

Let me know how the homestudy goes, I am praying for you guys!