Sunday, September 7, 2008


This picture is for you Mommy!
Noah's swim in the pond (I probably won't show this to our social worker ;)
A little boy from my church being baptized!! Praise the Lord!

Well folks, I guess it's time for an update. First off I want to publicly praise God for a little boy a church "Mikey" who was baptized and dedicated on Sunday. I have watched this boy grow for the last 4 years and was able to personally witness his salvation experience. He's the real deal. I believe God has set Mikey apart for his glory and we love this little boy!!
Next, We are asking for some big time prayers to go up this week. Our homestudys are scheduled for this Tuesday, Friday and the final walk through next Monday. THANK YOU to everyone who worked themselves to death over the last few days to help get our house ready. It meant so much to us to have you spend your afternoon cleaning, scrubbing, hanging light fixtures, powerwashing, mowing and a whole host of other things. God bless you all.
I'll update again when I know more.


Carroll said...

Did Noah get a spanking after he swam in the pond? Cause I know some girls that got one...

Rachael said...

I think your home study lady would like it if your home was a little more "homey". I have this momma cat having kittens that I could bring over. Then they would know for sure you loved little things...and things giving birth in your living room. Then your house would be "homey" enough. Or "homely".

kareng said...

Martha, Noah is wearing protective eye wear :-)