Sunday, October 12, 2008


Loading all the heavy rocks

I might be coming over to the dark side and liking Max just a little

No, he didn't drive the tractor...... yet

Before we all set off to collect rocks for Rachael and John's garden


Justin's working hard

The (After pics)- all the donations from the ladies at church

Mike was out of town this weekend so Noah and I were travelers between houses. We stayed with Nana and Granny each a night and had a wonderful time, even though I was sick! I have to brag on the College and Career Group a little bit and thank them for the wonderful job they did on a laundry room for some local women who are in recovery for substance abuse. The room was dingy and yucky before and everyone pulled together and did all this in just 2 hours. (not to hard for about 14 of us!) Thank you guys/girls so much. The ladies loved it and the Lord was definately honored.
Sunday afternoon, we all piled on the trailor behind the tractor and went hunting rocks for Rachael and John's English rock garden. It's going to be so pretty and we had a wonderful time!
On Adoption news: We are preparing paperwork for our Dossier which is our paperwork to take overseas. There are 3 steps to this process and we've already hit a bit of a snag with our doctors not having a notary in the office so PLEASE PRAY for everything to come together. Thanks everyone.


kareng said...

Thank you, the room looks great! I am glad you are feeling better.

Rachael said...

The room is very sunshiny. John wanted to go pick up rocks again yesterday. I think he's crazy....

83rocketscientist said...

Yeah...great job everyone... especially since I did not really do much!

Carroll said...

Wow! The laundry room looks great!

And I'm telling Max that you might like him... ; )

Hannah said...

I have a rock for John and Rachael. It weighs about 10 pounds and is slightly furry but a lovely gray color. Sometimes it make noises that sound like kitty meows but you can basically ignore that. I have for so long.