Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Congrats Tommy and Leanna!! You are a match made in heaven!!

We were doing the "twist"


Fishing for a prize

When I asked Noah what his favorite thing at the fair was he said "baby chicks"

Have you ever just had a wonderful yet exhausting weekend? We were so blessed to watch Tommy and Leanna finally tie the knot and have a fun reception on Saturday. You guys are definately made for each other and you did it right!! We're so proud of you. Then, Sunday we heard a great sermon from our pastor who is doing a series on the names of God and how they should affect our lives. It is extremely thought provoking and we are enjoying it so much. Then Mike decided to play hooky from studying and took us to the Fair!! We weren't sure how Noah would do but he loved it so much. He was too short to really ride anything but the slide, but the animals were his favorite. He also had a mini meltdown when we had to leave the fishing booth. I just love my little family and it is so neat seeing things through Noah's eyes.
Adoption note: Our I 600 A to the government was approved and we have an appointment to go for fingerprinting next Tuesday. We are getting the paperwork together for our dossier and hope to have it done in the next few weeks. Still waiting on the homestudy but once it is received we will send it in and wait for our 171 clearance which usually takes a month or two. You can pray for: 1. Our dossier paperwork to come together 2. Clarity about paperwork from our adoption agency 3. Financing the adoption to come together 4. Our little girl who is out there waiting for us!! Thank you so much!!


Carroll said...

I love the pic of you all doing the twist!

Glenn said...

Thanks for posting the pictures -- I was curious about the wedding and now I feel like I saw it a bit.

See you soon,

Rachael said...

Tommy and Leann's wedding got me in the mood to start planing mine again. I spend an hour and a half looking at wedding gowns yesterday. Now I'm overwhelmed again.

I want to go fishing for "tadpoles!"

babyarnie said...

Oh we missed ya'll so much Glenn, Charlene and Carrie!! Hope you guys are doing well.

Joy said...

oh martha! phone call now?

Anonymous said...

Noah is growing up so fast!! What a handsome little boy!!