Sunday, August 31, 2008

South Carolina

We just got back from a great weekend with Mike's dad in South Carolina. They went to see the SC and NC STATE game on Thursday. On Friday we went to a beautiful park that Noah got to swim in the stream in and ate at a wonderful restaurant until we popped! We then felt so good that we decided to take Noah to his first High School football game. As you can see from the pics, he, Grandaddy and Daddy were in their element. He LOVED the half time band as well. When we had to leave, Noah said "night night ball". I'm sure we'll do that again soon. On our way home on Sat. we stopped at a train museum to take some pictures we thought Grandaddy would get a kick out of (being that he was a train conductor at one time). Sunday, Mike preached a sermon for the first time. I thought he did great and was so proud of him but then again I'm a little biased. I hope everyone has a restful Labor Day!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Wiggles and So Much More....

Happy Birthday to Nana, Hajie and Mommy
The new kitten..... "General Gavin"..... ask Mike

Noah's first fish

Crystal and Brian's sweet new baby girl Brooke.

Toot Toot Chugga Chugga Big Red Car... Come on you know you want to sing!

A rare moment when Noah isn't screaming at the Wiggles.

This is Noah catching his first fish. You'll see his new friend Tyler who he

now asks about constantly!

It was such a crazy week but a wonderful one. We saw the Wiggles, Noah only screamed through the first half of it. After that he loved it. I think the adults loved it the best. So much fun!! Noah caught his first fish. A proud moment for is Dada. We got to see Crystal and Brian's new baby girl Brooke. She is so tiny at 5lbs 14 oz but growing all the time. She is absolutely precious! Almost makes me want to have another one...... almost. Mike took the youth group to the Airborne Museum and came home with a kitten. Thanks Angie! And last but certainly not least, Nana hosted a birthday party at her pool for Nana, Aunt Rachael and Mama. We had a blast and Noah actually swimmed with his arm floaties by himself for the first time. He's growing up WAY to fast. Also, some exciting adoption news...... Our home study is scheduled for the second week in September and hopefully will be finished within 2 weeks! After this, we will be put on the adoption waiting list. Please pray that the USCIS will find our adoption paperwork though because they have just informed me that they do not have a record of us filing our overseas paperwork. Just a few minor gliches to work out! :) Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


It's a it's a plane....

Noah and two salty ol' vets

Noah pressing the attack

A scene from John's farm

We've been pretty busy here the last few weekends. No rest for the weary but lots of fun! Last weekend we went to the Airborne museum and watching the Golden Knights jump out of planes and land (safely I might add) . Noah laughed when he saw them jump out. This past weekend Mike and I went with Rachael and John up to one of his farms and hauled the horses up there. The food, fellowship and riding was great but I'll let Rachael tell you the rest of the story. Check her blog for updates. Well, the last pic is of Noah and his latest addiction.... STICKERS. He puts them everywhere. Sometimes if feels like all I do is scrape stickers off the floor, window, fridge, myself, Noah. Anyway, as for the adoption update... Please be praying that our social worker will call soon to schedule the home study. She has gotten all of our mounds of paperwork from the agency last week so we are just waiting for the call. After the home study is finished (3 visits), we will be put on the waiting list for Ukraine. You can also pray for the unrest in Russia/Georgia right now because that does affect our process.

Saturday, August 9, 2008


I thought I'd post a few recent videos we took that make me laugh. The one of Jimmy in the sombrero (that doesn't fit) is of his birthday song from our favorite mexican restaurant. They make you have a new appreciation of waiters singing "Happy Birthday". The next one is of Noah touching the deer antlers. They made him squeal! He's always been a bit wierd about touching furry things. Anyway, Enjoy!