Monday, June 29, 2009


Noah learned that Llama's Spit!!

The #1 reason I couldn't become Amish: LAUNDRY!

Noah thought this was a real wheelbarrow
One of my favorite pics ever!! Looking out our hotel window

Where's Waldo?
They rode this little modfied scooters everywhere.
I'm pretty sure Nana wants one for Christmas

(We met this nice Amish Gentleman in one of the shops!)
Here are a few more pictures from our recent trip to Amish Country. There's tons more where they came from. We are recovering from a long, hot week of Backyard Bible Clubs. They went GREAT and so many people helped. It is so good to see the Body of Christ at work!! I start keeping Baby Connor full time this week. We are adjusting great and Noah just loves him to death. I think Connor is a little tired of Noah giving him kisses though.
If you don't follow the adoption blog the latest news is that I just sent off our dossier to get looked over by our coordinator. She will check it over and tell me what corrections I need to make. I have 2 pieces of paperwork I'm waiting on but they hopefully will be here this week!! People have been so generous with donations in the donation jars at local gas stations. We already have gotten about $350 just from these 6 jars!! God is good! So far we have about $7,000 of the $24,000 needed to adopt Laurel. If you would like to read the private adoption blog just leave me a comment or email me and I'll send you the invitation.
PS: Mike FINALLY updated his blog. Check it out, but warning, he's kinda gotten a little political lately ;)


Crystal Haynes said...

Martha, I love the pic. of Noah looking out the window too, and the one of you is Hilarious. :) And I Definately Could Not be Amish either because I'm too spoiled to have to do clothes like that.:)

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

Wow- that amish gent looks like he could be a Dickens:) Cute photos! Still praying for your process and the funds!

Carroll said...

I'm afraid of that Amish gentleman...

Milena said...


I'm a follower of Lydia's blogs, and I saw sweet Laurel on RR and I was amazed at how quickly she found her family!
May I kindly ask if I could please follow your adoption blog?
My e-mail is chch7769 at yahoo dot se
I'll happily tell a little more about who I am - but not here, rather on e-mail.
I wish you a safe journey and a smooth adoption process!