Monday, July 6, 2009


"Baby Arnie"- all stretched out
We've gone through lots and lots of popsicles

Trying to get control of our garden

Playing in the sprinkler

(Noah at Little Round Top in Gettysburg)
Summer is definately here and we are trying to find ways to beat the heat. We've been working in the garden, swimming in Nana's pool, eating lots and lots of popsicles and occasionally pulling out the sprinkler to water the hopeless garden. Noah loves to play in the mud it makes. What are some of the ways you are beating the heat this summer?


Carroll said...

I want to do what Arnie is doing. Right now.

leanna said...

I swim in our pool and also eat of ice cream. I also love to sit on the porch and enjoy the breeze.

Rachael said...

I'm refusing to participate in the summer heat. When my A.C. dies, then I'll reconsider.

Anonymous said...

The picture of Noah in the sprinkler looks like his Uncle Tom!

I am beating the heat sitting on our side porch where there always seems to be a light breeze. AHHHH....

Aunt Claudia

Anonymous said...

Love our little "Confederate Soldier"