Monday, March 15, 2010

The Museum

My little sweet hearted boy
Catching Butterflies

Digging for Fossils

Having a picnic
Last weekend we had a blast with the babies, taking a family day and going to the Life and Sciences Museum. I hadn't been there in many years and was shocked at all the wonderful changes. You could spend all day there and still not see everything. We played on the playground, rode the train, saw the butterfly house, saw all the animals, walked down the dinosaur trail and dug for fossils, sailed sailboats, and had a wonderful picnic. It was very fun day that I won't soon forget and hopefully the babies won't either. It is great to be able to get them out and see new things.
Newest Funny Noahism: (While playing in the creek yesterday):
Noah: "Look Mama, I'm playing in the Creep!"


gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

I want to go!!!!!! Email me and give me details- where, how much, etc.

Carroll said...

Well OK...just as long as he's not playing with a creep...

Rachael said...

I remember the dinosaurs!!!!!! I loved the cool path and the building where they all moved.

Wandering Family said...

Where is that? You'll have to take us there this fall when we get back!