Thursday, March 25, 2010


"You want me to do what?"

Lots have been happening in Laurel's life lately. I can't believe it but she's been here 6 months already!! She just slid in to her new USA life like she was meant to be here. Not to say we don't have setbacks! We now have therapy 4 times a week for her. It's a lot I know but we feel we need to get her all the help she can right now to head off stuff later on. Mondays our DHH therapist comes to the house. Tuesday Laurel goes into a preschool with her Developmental Therapy teacher to work on socialization. Wednesday we will be starting her speech therapy. Thursdays we go to a Group speech therapy class. Shew! It's a lot but she is holding up fine.
One new thing that we are doing right now is stopping the signing to her. Her speech therapists want to be able to know for sure what she is hearing and understanding in order to be able to get an accurate assessment about Cochlear Implants. We know she has no problem signing and picking up signs so for now we will stop the signs and just concentrate on hearing. We won't do this forever probably but just to assess. So far she has done wonderful!! She still signs some to us but is now really concentration on talking. Today she said "car", "no", "pickle" and a few more NEW words that she hadn't been saying. Hopefully her speech will come along.
Her new love is her red jeep that was given to us. It just needed a battery. You should have seen her face when she saw it and now she and brother have one each. However, she is terrible at driving it and runs into everything and laughs and laughs. Noah had to get in and give her a driving lesson. He felt his life was in danger so it didn't last very long.
I'm looking forward to Laurel's first Easter season EVER! How awesome we get to share with her the joy of this season and of our Saviours Ressurection! New Birth Indeed!



kareng said...

Glad to see you are all feeling better...don't forget "tick season" is here. Yuck!
I am sure she drives fine, just different.

babyarnie said...

Um Karen. How right you are. I just pulled a tick off of me. GRODY!