Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Wedding....... An overview.

"X" Marks the spot! How cool is this pic?
The Happy Couple so in love!

The BEST bridesmaids in the world.

I wonder what the 2 father's were discussing??

Who gets to pull a piano and violin out and have them in the middle of a cow pasture?

The barn/reception hall. Dirt floor and all.

The wedding site. Notice the cow path as the aisle.
Getting ready to get the bride dressed.
And now to the two cutest babies in the world!!

I thought I'd give you all a different view of Rachael and John's wedding. I was so busy trying to help Rach the day of that I didn't get any pics on my camera of the wedding itself but I got a lot of the preparations. Our family was so overwhelmed at the generosity of everyone who helped. We have never seen so many people jump in and do so much hard work for DAYS!! Thank you so much to all of our friends and family who worked to make this day beautiful for Rach and John.
Noah however hated the wedding. Last night (almost 1 week later) he had a meltdown and told me to never have him go to another wedding, that he just wanted to stay with me. He cried when the carriage took Rach & John away and I really think he thought I was leaving him. Pretty sure he's still scarred from us going to Ukraine! Oh well, check out Carroll's blog to see some beautiful pics of the day itself.
Well, I'm headed to a church ladies retreat this weekend so hopefully will get some much needed R&R. So long for now!

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Carroll said...

Awww! I have quite a few pics for you...I need to make you a CD...since Snapfish hates me.

The wedding was awesome.

And we really are a good looking bunch of bridesmaids!