Monday, August 16, 2010

A Year Ago Today, We Met Laurel....

Today is a special day for us. It was 1 year ago today that we met Laurel in a Ukrainian orphanage. I had dreamed of this day for years and when it finally came I was so nervous I almost threw up. We were taken to a nice room and the Doctor was brought in to go over her medical conditions. This was an interesting process b/c he was talking through a translator who himself wasn't sure how to translate some of her "conditions". We knew about her hearing impairment but some of the other conditions that were thrown at us were daunting to say the least. Half of the conditions we had no clue what they were!! We knew that this would probably happen and I just kept telling myself "it's ok" "God brought us this far". (While sweating all the time :) Anyway, after the Doctor was finished with all of her "conditions" in walks Miss Priss. She looked so small at first to me because she had on a dress that was too big for her and shoes that were WAY too little for her. She looked so scared and unsure of what to do and at first didn't want to leave her caregiver which was a great sign to me. I was actually happy to see that she had formed an attachment to her caregivers. We were also told that she was turned down by 3 other families due to her deafness. Can you imagine her going through this 3 other times and no one came back? I got down on the floor an handed her a babydoll which she promptly threw down. Hmm...... not going well, so then I went in my bag which had other toys for her. She bypassed all the toys and went straight to my blue pen and notebook. SUCCESS! She loved taking the top on and off over and over again. We saw her for exactly 5 minutes and then we were told it was time to go sign the paperwork committing to her. Before she left she gave me the BIGGEST hug ever!!

I'm being honest here. I had so many mixed feelings when I got in that car. Could we handle her issues? She looked like she had some institutional autism at first to me. Was she really our little girl. I wanted SO badly to spend more time with her and get to know her. I cried that night.... a lot. I also sought the Lord like never before. My devotion that night was Hebrews Chapter 11 which I call the Faith Hall of Fame. All of these warriors for God obeyed God not knowing what the outcome would be. He didn't show them how everything would work out or how He would reward them. They stepped out IN FAITH. Hebrews 11:8 especially touched me "By faith Abraham obeyed when he was called to go out to a place that he was to receive as an inheritance. And he went out, NOT KNOWING where he was going. Hebrews 11:13 said "These all died in faith, not having received the things promised, but having seen them and greeted them from afar, and having acknowledged that they were strangers and exiles on the earth." Some of these great men of God didn't see it "all work out" this side of heaven they just believed it was right to obey God. That was enough for me. I KNEW that we had been called to this journey without a doubt so I knew that God would give us the strength to handle whatever came up. Talk about the peace that passes all understanding. As soon as I gave that burden up I slept soundly looking forward to the next day with my daughter.

And what a day it was!!! How happy we were that we went forward with everything. She was such a joy and so fun to be around.Oh and about most of her "conditions"..... our Pediatrician said most of those were just made up. God had handpicked Laurel to be in our family and we had to be obedient to His calling to have that wonderful peace. So, enjoy the video. The difference in her now is amazing. She is growing so quickly and speaking so much now. PRAISE OUR WONDERFUL MERCIFUL SAVIOUR.


Somewhere Behind the Morning said...

Awwwww!!!! Time sure does fly by!! It looks like she's been with you all forever! :)

Jennifer said...

That was so beautiful. I'm trying to to cry. It has been such an emotional day already. I'm so glad that Laurel is doing so well and she really seems like she had been with you forever just watching the way you all interact. What a beautiful family you guys are :)
Thanks again for everything! Can't wait to see you when we're home!

Anonymous said...

Some of the memories of that time are hard and some are glorious--like when Laurel and her Dadat walked down the hallway and into sight after their long journey home. Words completely fail in telling how it feels to know the story of how she came and to see how she is doing now. She, as all children, is a complete gift from God.

Anonymous said...

I will never forget the first picture Martha and Mike showed us of our new granddaughter, she stole my heart right away!! I couldn't wait to meet her.

Seeing her and daddy walking down the hallway to meet her new family was a joyous day. She didn't know what to think of all of us at the time, but it didn't take very long for her to love us all. She is a precious gift from God! Laurel was definitely meant to have Mike and Martha as her parents (and what GREAT parents they are)and Noah as her "big brother"!

We love you Peanuts!!

Nana and Poppy


Amy Walker said...

This is so awesome!!! I love the video! She's grown so much!!!!!!!!!!