Friday, November 12, 2010

Yep, It's definately Fall......

Mike & his first buck of the year (Noah was pretty excited too)
Mike & his first cayote ever!!! NO, it's not a dog! :)

Miss Priss, multitasking...walking her dog & baby while in high heels. The Ukrainians would
be proud! :)
My sweet babies a bit under the weather watching movies together
Laurel loves gathering the eggs in the morning

With these cool nights and mornings comes the realization that it is definately fall and headed quickly towards winter. I love the fall. I love the crisp mornings, football season (believe it or not), hot drinks and the changing of the leaves. Now, if I asked Mike what he liked about fall he would have a completely different list.... well football would be on it but at the top of the list would be HUNTING!! Yes, hunting season is in full swing around here and we now have some deer meat in our freezer. I also have a beaver in my freezer but that is a completely different story!!!!! Mike has even taken Noah out hunting a few times. However, Noah isn't too keen on sitting still and quite for 2 hours so he probably won't go back for a while. As you can see from the pictures above, Mike's done a good job on his own though. He shot the cayote tonight (Friday) on John's farm. They have a large pack of them roaming about and that isn't too safe for the calves. There is nothing quite so eerie as hearing a pack of cayotes howling just miles from the city limits.
That seems to be it for now. I'll leave you with a funny Noahism that he told me on the way to our small group Wednesday night. Here is how it went....
Mommy: "Noah, what song would you like to sing at group tonight"
Noah: "Hmmm.... let me think. I know, "The King is Exhausted"
Mommy: "The King is Exhausted"????
Noah: Yes Mommy, You know... (singing now) "He is Exhausted, the King is Exhausted, on the Highway"
For those of you who still can't recognize the tune the real song is HE IS EXALTED,THE KING IS EXHALTED ON HIGH. Thank goodness the King doesn't really get exhausted because I sure do.
Kids make ya laugh :)


Anonymous said...

Makes me laugh when I think about how children interpret what we say (and sing)--they are sooo literal and relate everything to what they already know. Exalted? Don't know that word--their little brains say, but exhausted? Yep, I've definitely heard Mommy say that. I'm glad that the real King on High can interpret heart intentions and attitudes

Carroll said...

Great picture of the coyote! Now they just need to get a wild hog...

Carroll said...

Aaaaaaand my whole office has had a wonderful laugh at Noah's interpretation of the song. Thanks! : )