Monday, November 1, 2010

Parties & Dress Up

Jacob & Noah with his new gun
What a great looking crew! (and everyone wasn't even in this!)
Happy Birthday Noah, Laurel & Szaffi
Little Miss Priss..... I mean Red Riding Hood

Well, you could say we had a whirlwind weekend! We had a Triple Birthday Party & Harvest Party on Saturday. It was a beautiful weekend for it and the kids had a blast. Nana & Poppy once again supplied the Moonbounce and we had a Hayride thanks to Grandaddy. Also included in the fun was Musical Haybales, Pumpkin Decorating and of course lots of food. Thank you to everyone who made this fun day possible. Lots of memories were made. Then Sunday, the kids went Trick or Treating dressed as Little Red Riding Hood and Geronimo. It was Laurel's 2nd year TrickorTreating but the first time she actually enjoyed it. Give that girl candy and she's game for anything. Noah had a blast and didn't even get scared until a horrible looking ghost came to Nana's door for candy. That was it. It was over. Why do you have to be scary to have fun??? I'm pretty sure Noah will be in therapy the rest of his life! Anyway I think it can be summed up by saying "A good time was had by all"..... I hope! :)


Anonymous said...

We had a blast and the kids Loved it! Glad we got to see all of you and hope to see you guys again soon! Crystal and Brian :)

Rachael said...