Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Stopping at a Railroad Museum along the way...

Aunt Michelle & Uncle Nait
Grandat & Noah
Laurel, Grandat & Noah at the Zoo

We took a trip this past weekend to SC to see "Grandat & Dusie". We had a great time and LOVED the Zoo. It was a fantastic zoo where the animals were up close. We got to walk through a Kangaroo Path where the Kangaroos were all around you. Pretty cool but it made Grandat a bit nervous :) Also, we got a great up close view of the Ape or "Pape" as Laurel called him. She had a freak out moment and said "All done Pape!". She didn't like him one bit. Mike & I were amazed at the Giraffe's. They were magnificent. I wish I could have gotten more pics of the whole weekend but my camera went on the blink after this last picture. Anyway, Thanks Grandat and Dusie for a great time.

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