Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Michelle - Needs a family
Wendy- Needs a family

YES YES I know. It has been WAY too long since I've updated this thing. I love my blog, I really do but these days I find myself falling into bed around 8:30 right after my babies. Anyway, I thought I'd offer a recap of what's been going on around the Little Red House.

My wonderful husband surprised me for Christmas and bought me tickets to see the Ice Skating Championships last weekend. Yes, he went with me (because he's the best husband in the world) and we had so much fun on our whole day date! We ate lots of junk food, laughed a lot and watched the Couples skate and Ice dancing. It was amazing!

Noah is still quite enthused with Monster Trucks.. his newest love. However, I'm not sure if we'll be watching Monster Jam on TV anytime soon because tonight he saw one that looked like a dragon and apparently breathed fire. End of that. He almost had a stroke. He also is into the Lone Ranger. Years ago when children weren't in the picture I bought a few episodes at the Dollar Store and this boy loves them. He now dresses up and has the whole strut down and everything. Funny little boy. He is my sunshine.

Now as to what Ms. Priss has been up to. She is talking up a storm I tell you!! She has finally figured out sentences and so she's using 3-5 word sentences! All I can say is PRAISE GOD! When we committed to her we fully expected to have her be completely deaf and sign to her. We prayed for different for her however. God has been so good to us and she is responding so well to her therapies and all but one of her therapists! (Articulation in still hard for her so she doesn't do as well there). However, at her latest Audiogram yesterday, it showed her ear drums are not moving at all and she has fluid behind both ears. Her tubes(which lasted about 6 months) fell out in November and we were hoping to avoid them again but there is no way around it. She's gonna need new tubes. I can definately tell she's not hearing out of the left ear. Anyway, we'll do that in 2 weeks.

As to other things..... I am really advocating for little Michelle (6) who is on She was in Laurel's orphanage and we just found out she was transferred to an institution! Very Sad :( about that. She will have no kind of life there and due to the fact that she has CP and is mostly blind she will probably be bedridden for her little life. If you feel the Lord leading you, PLEASE consider making a tax deductable donation to her grant fund for someone to go get her out of her prison! Or... better yet, someone go get her. She has $650 right now in her account (up from $150)!!. I'd love to see her get the full grant of $24,000 for a family to rescue her. Also, our wonderful faciliator Tatyiana went to Kharkiv to inquire about Michelle and so she took pictures of another precious baby who WAS IN LAUREL'S GROUPA!!! Her name is Wendy (6). Wendy is4 1/2 and in immediate danger of getting transferred. We saw sweet Wendy daily. She also has CP (seems more severe than Michelle) and is blind. Please someone consider saving Wendy as well. Laurel's orphanage was very well kept and the workers really seemed to care about the kids.

Anyway, All is well here. Hoping for some pretty snow tonight! I'll be helping my Great Aunt this weekend again so Mike will have the babies all to himself! ;)


MoonDog said...

did you see that Ms Madeline came home? SO HAPPY for that girl! I always loved Michelle. wish I could make her mine but if IF I could get my husband to go back again now that we have (count em!) TEN kids I would have to get Vika the sister to our daughter we left behind. at the time we felt it was the right thing to do but I miss her terribly and I can only imagine how our daughter misses her and how Vika misses Tash. good to see Laurel is doing so well. glad you updated been wondering how you all were doing!!

Amy Walker said...

Yay Laurel! I'm sorry she'll need more tubes though. Keep us updated!!! I'm going to post about Michelle on my blog soon and link to your blog!!!!!!!!!