Sunday, April 10, 2011

About a Tree...

I love the trees in my yard. They are 75-100 yrs. old and when they fall or have to be cut down I feel like I've lost a friend. Ok Ok I know what you are thinking..... NO I am not a tree hugger. I just appreciate them and their Maker :) Anyway, one of our trees in our front yard was almost dead, and leaning and the combination does not make for a safe place to play under. My Dad called the Tree Man and he came and felled it for us. He didn't cut it up so Uncle John and Mr. Fred brought their tree splitter over and we made an evening (or two) of it. Laurel was completely mesmorized by the machine. She sat on a log and watched it for almost 2 hours!! Noah got his fill and moved on to bigger and better things:) Gotta love a boy. Anyway, the tree is gone and the spot where it was doesn't look half as bad as I thought. So, we made the best of it and used some branches for camo on the babies tractors. Noah loved playing army. It's a good thing b/c that's as close to the army as he'll ever get if I have anything to say about it! ;)

Laurel Progress Update: I thought I'd give a quick update on Laurel's progress since we've had some events lately and she's at her 18month home mark. She continues to do fantastic! We've had relatively little adjustment with Miss Priss and I am grateful for that. Yes, having a hearing impaired child is tough some times but honestly....... isn't raising children tough period?? She's my sweet girl. She LOVES her little brother and their fits of laughing at each other do my heart good. She has had a breakthru in her speech development and can finally do the "t" sound. It amazes me how much we take for granted normal speech and language development. It is SO much work for her to catch up but she blows through it like a champ! We are once again facing tubes in her ears b/c of fluid that wont go away. We aren't sure however we are going to pursue those right now due to the fact that 3 weeks ago she was put under for tubes but they didn't check her ears prior to the surgery so when she was under they found no fluid and didn't put tubes in...... Just got the bill for that one to the tune of about $3000!! So, to make a short story long we just may wait a bit to see if this fluid goes away. We'd appreciate your prayers for wisdom. Oh and did I mention that in the 18 months Laurel has been here, she has gained 14 lbs and 14 inches??? Amazing what a little love and sunshine will do for a child. Consider Adoption.

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