Monday, April 18, 2011

Who Needs a Baby??

Carlisle (31)

BOY, born January 16, 2009

Med info coming, please check back soon.

Boy, Born September 2010
From his medical records: Cleft lip and cleft palate (congenital). Holds his head, turns around, coos, takes toy in his hand and plays with it for a long time. Sanders will be cleared for international adoption in December 2011. ***LOOK AT THOSE BEAUTIFUL BLUE EYES***

Praises to the Lord for protecting us during the Tornadoes! Lots of people lost their homes and even their lives. We are so thankful to be spared.

I am putting these profiles up of 2 sweet angel boys that I would have in an INSTANT if we could adopt again right now. For some reason I have always been drawn to babies with Cleft Palets/Lips . We even support the Smile Train who makes it their mission to go around the world and find children with these and does surgery on them to correct them. In so many countries and villages these children are outcasts and are even made to walk around the village with paper bags on their heads b/c it is seen as a curse. A 30 min. surgery can change everything but very few can afford it.

These 2 boys are in the country that Laurel was adopted from. There is not a place for these children in that society. Put them on your Facebook, blogs ANYTHING that will help them find a forever mommy & daddy and get the medical care that they need. You can find them on and they are on the "other angel boys 0-5 page". Most of all, pray for these boys. Could one of them be YOUR child??

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