Thursday, August 16, 2012

Just being together...

Looking out our back door. That was a fun conversation to have with my 4 & 5 yr. old!

After the rain fun

Teaching Noah to skip rocks

Noah found this Black Widow under a little toad house we have. Thankfully, we've warned him about these so he didn't touch it and called me to kill it!

In their Pajamas playing Military Police. Don't you love Laurel's pink purse? It goes perfectly with her gun :)

OK so it has been a few weeks since I've posted but it isn't from lack of things going on, rather lack of time. Some nights I fall into bed exhausted not too long after the babies hit the bed themselves.  The story of any parents life right? Laurel starts her preschool in 2 weeks & we'll be on the road quite a bit this year in order to get her there and back. She will get her therapies in the classroom though so it will be worth it.
I can't believe I have a Kindergartener!! . I will be homeschooling Noah and I'll admit I was a bit nervous at first. Mike & I went to the most awesome store for homeschoolers & found some great curriculum for him. I'm totally excited about it now! There is so much freedom and so many great tools to use to teach with. I've found some things that will go great with his learning style and we will work on school stuff at the library and go to museums etc. while waiting for Laurel in her class.
I LOVE the fact that I can teach them at home. I love these little people God has entrusted to me and I love to watch them learn and discover new things.
In my next post that I can hopefully get to upload (a video) soon, I have some very exciting news about my sweet boy (think Heaven) :) .
Also, Laurel is doing GREAT with her Implant. She's totally progressing PRAISE GOD!!

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Anonymous said...

Noah's expression when he puts that hat on is priceless. He becomes a different child. Nana