Monday, August 6, 2012

Life in Mayberry

The family in front of famous Snappy Lunch. Delicious Pork Chop Sand.

We got to meet Otis!! He signed an autograph & snapped a picture with us!

On the Darling Family's porch... You know... the family that sings. And yes, Laurel is NOT happy. They'd just had a fight about who sat in what chair.

Sheriff Noah. He wanted to answer the phone "Sheriff's office". But he chickened out

The Darling's Truck. I think this was Noah's favorite thing!! He loves Bluegrass.

That smile says it all!! He's riding in the back of Barney's police car..siren and all!!

Noah got to pick where we ate. He picked The Bluebird Cafe where Barney's girlfriend Juanita worked. AWESOME Philly Cheesteak Subs!!!

So, we took a Day cation to Mayberry this past weekend.  I have always loved watching the Andy Griffith Show and it just so happens my son it addicted to it ;) Yeah me! He was so excited when we told him where we were going. I'm not sure he gets that it's fictional yet and actually cried when I told him Andy Griffith died. He went straight home and made me put on Andy Griffith Show. When he saw Andy he said "see Mommy, he's still on there!" My sweet hearted boy. His absolute favorite charachters are the Darling boys who play Mountain Music. "The Mountain Wedding" is his favorite episode. The boy can sing the theme song. We've always said he was an Old Soul! 
Rumor has it that Ernest T. Bass still runs around the streets of Mayberry and throws rocks. Noah wanted to see him but was just as happy to meet Otis. Noah thinks Otis is hillarious. He has no idea why he sleeps in the jail but thinks it's the funniest thing! 
Yes, I am one of those that wishes life were like Mayberry. Then I stop and look around and more often than not, my life is a lot like Mayberry,  with charachters and all! That's what makes life fun.

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Kristin Ferguson said...

Looks like a fun day trip! I don't know the Mayberry cast of characters but the pictures were great! (Especially the one of Laurel being mad!) We just took photos at JCPenney and had to delete quite a few of Josi's mad face. It's cute for a blog post but not for a 16x20 above the mantel! HA!