Saturday, September 1, 2012

Firsts....and a WW II B17 Bomber


The most important part of the backpack...... the design of course :)

First day of Dove Season (they got 2!)

You have to get up really early in the morning to get the doves! He's a little sleepy.

Noah, Mike & Carroll after Noah's first ride in an airplane!!!

John & Carrolls Daddy, Mr. Fred, waiting for a ride on the Memphis Belle

Noah, Mike & Carroll up in the air!
So, where to start? Thursday was Laurel's first day of her blended preschool. While she is in preschool, Noah & I go to a library & do his Kindergarten work. They both did fantastic. Noah LOVES science, math & reading. He really struggles in Handwriting however. I've got a great curriculum (Handwriting without Tears) that I hope will help him. Thurs. we got through 2 days worth of science & math (he kept wanting to do more) but only half of what I had planned with the writing. Not going to stress him with this b/c I want him to love to write so we'll go @ his pace.
When I picked Laurel up from preschool her first words were "I had fun Mommy!" I thought that was pretty nice for a first day. However, Tuesday starts the day when all of the kids will be there. This past week was just the hearing impaired kids so we'll see how she does. She made me laugh b/c she told me she kept her shoes on all day. I said that's fine "why?" She said... "Mrs. Lynn doesn't have a behind the door". Note: when my kids take their shoes off at home, they put their shoes in a bucket "behind the door" :) That made me smile.
Next up, Dove Season. Noah was so excited to "shoot some dove" with Daddy. He woke up Friday morning and said "Laurel, only 1 more sleep and we get to kill some dove!" Now before you think that is horrible, the rule is at our house: you kill it, you eat it and he did!
And finally, the Memphis Belle. We heard the Memphis Belle WWII bomber (the one they used in the movie) was coming to our area. Then we found out Mr.Fred, John & Carroll's dad had booked a seat on it. So, we got out there in time to watch him fly in the Co Pilot's seat. It was the neatest thing! Then, we saw that they were offerering plane rides in the small planes for only $25. Mike & Noah decided to go up with Carroll. The pilot heard Mike used to fly and let him take off and fly the whole time! Needless to say it was a great day!

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Lydia said...

Love the update!!!! I can't wait to hear more about how Laurel does in school! Noah is going to do GREAT in kindergarten and you are a GREAT teacher. I think you will love homeschooling:)