Sunday, September 16, 2012

So Much in my Head....


Nothing like the love of a Grandmother

Aunt Janie & Duncan

                 Boy, born March 2011
                Congenital heart defect
Hannes can walk with assistance, plays with toys. He is standing in this picture, leaning against the wall. Look at those big eyes!
$157.50 is available towards the cost of my adoption!
Donations are tax deductible.
         Brenton 15H

Boy, born March 2011
Eyes of Gray
Blond hair
The nature of calm
Cleft lip and palate
Sydney 9HA

Sydney was born in May 2009. She is a carrier of Hepatitis C (HCV) antibodies. She lives in a specialized children’s home for children with unpopular diagnoses. She was rejected by her birthmother at the time of birth. She does not have any siblings. Her character is described as being ‘calm’. Additional photos available.
Izabella 36F

The girl was born in June 2012
Gray eyes
Dark hair
The character is calm

Oh! So much in going on in my head these days! This is a random post with bits and pieces but that is just where I am these days. Noah is doing fabulous in his homeschool. Laurel still doesn't want to go to her preschool but has made friends and comes home & tells me everyday what she did so I think she's doing fine... just doesn't want to leave Mama which I totally get.
I posted some more pics from our Ziplining Adventure Mike got me for my birthday. It was a blast! Can't wait until the kids are old enough to go with us.
   We went to see my Aunt Janie this past weekend. She's my mom's sister & is fighting cancer. She loved seeing the babies and we had a nice visit. We just found out a dear lady in our church named Charlene has a very serious cancer. Struggling watching these ladies suffer but I know God is good ALL the time and my prayer is that He be glorified. Praying for healing for both!
        As you can see I've got some pictures up of NEW babies that have just become available for adoption. Be still my heart!! We totally would love to adopt again. It's such a shame that money stands in the way for so many people to be able to adopt these precious babies. We know though if it is the Lord's will it can happen. We saw it with Laurel and are still seeing it in how he provided the way for her Cochlear Implant. Pray for these little ones. Go to & put some money in their account to help a family who wants to adopt them (it's tax deductable!!).  I'll take all of them thank you very much!


kareng said...

It's not bad to have stuff in your head...and who took your zip pics?

babyarnie said...

The guide took them!! That is one of the reasons I liked them so much. They would always take time at each stage to get a pic of everyone.