Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fall Glorious Fall!!

Luigi & Luigi

They've begged for weeks for enough leaves to play in!

Learning to skip rocks

Watching the boat Mike carved for him

It's FALL! I love fall. It's become my favorite season. Noah is studying leaves this week in school & we've had a lot of fun finding all different types. Sunday after church we explored a large park we hadn't been to before and hiked a bit. Mike carved Noah a boat out of tree bark which they sailed. Laurel attempted skipping rocks.... our lives were in danger :)

The Election is over. The results stink but I fear we are at a tipping point in this country. When more than 40% of people are on some sort of Government assistance they aren't going to want to cut the Government down to size. However, like I told Noah so he wouldn't spin out into space when his candidate lost, "It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to put our trust in Man". He then told his Nana that we need to pray for our President so he would become a better leader. Amen. He gets it. Instead of whining & worrying, we should be praying.

Funny thing happened today.... Noah clearly provoked Laurel into a fight and boy did she react. Badly. I had to deal with her right away but then had to deal with him & talk to him about what provoking someone to anger was. He said he was sorry. Then he said that he knew one of the Fruits of the Spirit was Self Control & he needed that. I said yes it was and how did he know that? He said " Oh,  it's on the poster on wall in the ladies bathroom @ church that I read when I'm on the potty! " :)  He makes me laugh.

Tonight I got am email from a Reeces Rainbow friend who's adopting 2 children from Laurel's former orphanage. We printed up a book of pictures of Laurel and a note for the orphanage director. She just told me that she gave it to the director who loved it and went through every picture with tears in her eyes! Praise God! Our prayer is that Laurel's successful adoption will pave the way for more adoptions there and for the director to be open to some humanitarian aid. How awesome is our God!

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Kristin Ferguson said...

Great Post! Of course it caught my eye when i saw the word FALL! That is so great that you were able to send a book to Laurel's orphanage! What a testimony. And yes, praying for our leaders. Got it. We read Psalm 36 and 37 the day after the election and took much comfort in those passages. Hoping for an RR Mom's Night Out soon. Gotta get on Jenn about organizing. ha ha ha