Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Circle M City & Scotty McCreery

Birthday Boy (6) & Birthday Girl (5)

Birthday Friends (minus Aubrey & Jacob)

Sheriff Marsh doing rope tricks around Noah

Watching the Sheriff make our Circle M brands

Wagon Ride


Waiting for Scotty McCreery to sign our cd!

Signing the cd

Soo.... both my babies have October birthdays...YAY! We celebrate together so this year we went to the Circle M City Western Town in Sanford. OH MY GOODNESS. We had so much fun. Tim & Michelle Marsh put on an awesome show being the Sheriff & "Crazy Kate". He did a rope show, Bullwhip, Gun tricks, Wagon Ride, Branding Activity. Crazy Kate was a crowd favorite! If you are looking for any event for any age person we highly recommend this place! They have Bluegrass on Monday nights, will do church functions etc... So reasonably priced and so neat. The kids had a blast! Their party was in the Saloon! More info? www.circlemcity.com

Also, Noah has always loved Scotty McCreery since he was on American Idol (me too) ;). Nana heard he was going to be at a signing nearby & guess who got to meet him? Oh yes, Noah did! Scotty was SO super nice & warm to everyone he meet. Very nice guy. Since it was Noah's birthday, he personalized his signature to say "Happy Birthday Noah". Noah was thrilled.

Big weekend! Fun time & memories. Thanks to all who made it happen! We are so grateful.

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JennyJohnson said...

It was hard to tell which one was Scotty and which one was Noni---both so cute!
And the Circle M was the best---who would have thought? "Out West" located in Lee County. Don't miss it!