Monday, April 1, 2013


He Has Risen!!

Granny & Duncan

Playing Easter games

Noah, Hayden & Laurel playing the Egg & Spoon Race

HAPPY EASTER everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in a while...don't even know if I have any readers left but I thought I would show some of the Easter pictures I took this weekend. 
Had such a wonderful time with my Mom's side of the family. We played games and had good food! It was the first gathering since my Aunt Janie passed and I would be lying if I didn't say it was a bit hard. She left such a void in our family but we carry on. 
Sunday we had a wonderful service at our church and the focus was on the Ressurection of Christ and how believing it should change who we are! AMEN! We are not in slaves to sin anymore.
Then, to Nana's & Poppy's for more egg hunting and good food! We are exhausted but so thankful for all of our friends and family.

Our house addition is coming along nicely. The walls are up and hopefully the trusses and roof will be this week. I LOVE it!! So excited to see what it will look like.

That's all for now! Some really cute new kids have just gone up on the "new kids' page on Go pick you one to pray for, donate too or just adopt ;)


Erin said...

This is just the audiologist in me talking, but that 4th one up from the bottom needs to be submitted for a Cochlear brochure (way cuter than some of the kids that make it in those things- ahem!)
Love y'all!

babyarnie said...

Hmmmm....just might do that Erin :)